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Bio Vega by Canna is a fertilizer rich in highly absorbable betaine nitrogen. It is specially developed for the indoor and outdoor plants in the growth stage. It stimulates the root development and the formation of strong growth buds.

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Canna Bio Vega Fertilizer

Bio Vega by Canna is a liquid bio fertilizer rich in highly absorbable betaine nitrogen and specially developed for the vegetative growth stage of indoor and outdoor plants.

Nitrogen and other bioactive compounds of Bio Vega are released according to the plant's needs for the root development and the formation of strong growth buds. It can also be used before the flowering process yielding better results.

Bio Vega can be applied in irrigation systems, but you should let the water running occasionally to avoid clogging. Available in 1L and 5L bottles, add 2 ml per liter of water. Once diluted, use the solution in the next 24 hours and during each watering.

Bio Vega Formats

1 Litre

5 Litres

Characteristics of Bio Vega

100% organic

Enriched with hop extract

Increases vitality in the plant's growth phase

Provides the necessary minerals in the correct dosage

Ideal for organic farming indoors and outdoors

Dosage of Bio Vega

Check the crop table to find out whether Bio Vega should be used.

Specific for the growth stage

Shake the bottle well before each use

Add a maximum dose of 2 ml per litre of water.

Depending on the size of the pot or plant, apply 1 to 3 times per week.

The mixture can last up to 24 hours, after which it should be discarded.

Composition of Bio Vega

Ingredients obtained from 100% plant sources



Bio flores interior

Bio flores interior


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