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CannaBoost is an Universal flowering booster for Marijuana plants specially developed to increase the production and quality of crops. CannabBoost is the perfect choice for those who want big buds and high productions.

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CannaBoost Fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

CannaBoost is an Universal flowering booster or stimulator for Cannabis plants specially developed to increase the production and quality of crops. With CannaBoost you can get dense buds than usual and also much higher productions. It is suitable for any cultivation system, both indoors and outdoors.

This booster stimulates the development of new buds and acts in the early stages of maturation, leading to the production of thicker, denser buds but also boosting essential oil production, thus greatly improving flavour and terpene levels. This happens because the photosynthesis rate is increased and such increment consequently raises the production of sugar which in turn sweetens and intensifies the natural flavor of Marijuana.

Another benefit of this stimulator is that the improvement in efficiency and increase in available energy potentiates the immune system, meaning your plants will be more resistant and in optimal health conditions to fight diseases and pests. Besides that, if you it in combination with PK 13/14, a flowering stimulator from Canna based on phosphorus and potassium, you will get even more impressive results.

Use 2.4ml of Cannabost per liter of water. Once diluted use in the next 7 days. It can be used manually by irrigation or as a foliar spray. Do not use it in combination with products that include hydrogen peroxide.

Available in 250ml bottles.