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CannaBoost is an Universal flowering booster for plants specially developed to increase the production and quality of crops. CannabBoost is the perfect choice for those who want big buds and high productions.

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CannaBoost: The Premium Plant Booster by Canna

CannaBoost is a universal flowering booster designed to increase both the yield and quality of plant harvests. With CannaBoost, plants produce significantly thicker buds and achieve a higher overall yield. This makes it an ideal choice for all cultivation systems, both indoor and outdoor.

This additive stimulates the development of new flowers at the early stages of fruiting. It not only helps in producing larger buds but also enhances uniformity and flavor of the harvest. The acceleration of photosynthesis increases the plant's sugar production, which in turn sweetens and intensifies the natural flavor and essential oils in the plants.

Using CannaBoost ensures optimal flower maturation, providing the plants with enough energy and reserves to combat potential diseases and pests. When combined with PK 13/14, Canna's phosphorus and potassium-based flowering stimulator, the results are even more impressive.

Administer 2-4ml of CannaBoost per liter of water. Once diluted, use within 7 days. It's suitable for manual application, drip irrigation, or as a foliar spray. Do not use concurrently with products containing hydrogen peroxide.

Available in 250ml bottles.

  • Universal Application: Suitable for all types of cultivation, indoors and outdoors.
  • Enhanced Flowering: Stimulates new flower development, leading to larger, more flavorful yields.
  • Usage Instructions: 2-4ml/liter, usable in various application methods.
  • Packaging: Comes in 250ml bottles, perfect for different scales of cultivation.