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Canna presents its new pack of fertilizers for soil substrate, the Canna Terra Starter Kit is a pack that includes everything you need to be successful growing indoor and outdoor plants.

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Canna Terra Starter Kit

The prestigious Dutch fertilizer manufacturer Canna presents its new pack of products to cover all the nutritional plant's needs in soil crops. This is the Canna Terra Starter Kit, a box that contains all the necessary products to achieve success feeding indoor and outdoor crops. Canna's fertilisers and additives are backed by the opinions of expert growers over many years.

The products included in this pack are designed for growers looking for high performance. Soil is one of the most commonly used substrates for indoor and outdoor growing, due to its buffering capacity and the fact that it already contains some essential nutrients required by plants. This is why many newcomers to the world of gardening also opt for this type of growing medium.

The products included in the Canna Terra Starter kit contain a balanced combination of ingredients suitable for the vegetative growth and for the flowering phase of the plants. This means that only the exclusive use of this product will be necessary for optimal results during the entire life cycle of the plants.

Within the pack you can find Canna Terra Vega, which is a complete fertilizer with immediate effect oriented to the growth phase of indoor and outdoor crops, promoting vigorous growth and healthier, more vital and full of life specimens

In this pack it is also possible to find Canna terra Flores, one of the classics from Canna. It is also a complete fertiliser for plants, in this case for the flowering phase, when the plant needs more nutrients to be able to produce large flowers.

Canna Rhizonotic, also included in the Canna Terra Starter kit, is a powerful root stimulator. The root system is essential for the correct development of the plant, as it is the foundation of the plant. This product will undermine the roots so that they branch out properly and are properly oxygenated. 

Finally, the pack includes Canna PK 13/14, also of vital importance for plants, as it provides all the phosphorus and potassium that plants needs to be able to develop a successful flowering

In short, the Canna Terra Starter kit is perfect to cover all the needs of a plant throughout its life cycle. With the use of this product, no extra fertiliser will be needed to meet the demands of an indoor or outdoor grow using soil substrate. 

The Canna Terra pack includes:

  • CANNA Terra Vega 250ml
  • CANNA Terra Flowers 500ml
  • CANNA PK 13/14 50ml

Instructions for use:

  • Spray the seedling 1 time with Rhizotonic at a ratio of 4 ml per litre of water.
  • When the second pair of leaves appears, start fertilising the plant according to the instructions included in the pack.
  • Fill the water tank, which should be at room temperature (18 - 22ºC).
  • Always shake the bottles before administering the contents.
  • Consult the doses to be administered in the product indications and add them to the water.
  • Add the additives or nutrients one by one and stir the mixture well each time each one is added.
  • Water the plant with the solution obtained. 

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