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Best marijuana nutrient brands

In many cases, the success of a crop depends on the nutrients, because through fertilizers it is possible to provide the necessary nutrition to develop successfully. However, the diversity of nutrients for Cannabis is huge, which is why from Experiencia Natural we want to recommend a selection of the best marijuana nutrient brands on the market. Also, we will tell you all about the theory behind the best nutrients for cannabis.

The best fertilisers brands

Depending on your level of experience and needs, you will opt for one type of nutrient or another. Thus, for novice users we recommend the Hesi line of nutrients, as they are simple to use and with a few products. While for more experienced growers, who are looking to improve certain aspects of their crop, we can opt for more specialized lines such as the Advanced Nutrients range of fertilizers, designed for more specific needs and to optimize development. Below we will highlight the best products of these brands and other of the best ones in the market.

Advanced Nutrients fertilizers

best nutrient brand advanced nutrients

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Advanced Nutrients is synonymous with research and science applied to marijuana growing. It is a market-leading marijuana nutrient company. This is because they have the most diverse and specific line of nutritional supplements available. Among its most outstanding features is its range of products with perfect PH technology, which takes care of achieving the right PH, of course when the products are correctly used.

Best nutrients from Advanced Nutrients

Big Bud: This is one of Advanced Nutrients’ most classic products. It is a flowering booster oriented to get bigger and more marijuana buds. It is designed to be used for two weeks during the flowering period.

Revive: miracles do exist. This nutrient is capable of revitalizing plants damaged by stress or on the verge of dying. Revive provides your plants with extra nutrients at critical moments. It is advisable to keep a bottle of this nutrient on hand for emergencies.

Bud Candy: The nutrient for those with a sweet tooth. It is the right sugar supplement to stimulate the growth of flowers. Sugar in marijuana is one of the aspects that breeders seek to boost the most, and this product is aimed exclusively to increase the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in your buds.

Piranha: This product works by strengthening and stimulating the roots of marijuana. It also incorporates 24 types of fungi that live in symbiosis with our crop, capable of increasing root mass while preventing them from rotting due to excess water, for example. 

Connoisseur A+B: This premium quality fertilizer is designed for the flowering phase. It has a composition that allows it to automatically regulate the pH of the growing soil. It is a fertilizer for experts looking to get the most out of their plants.

Feeding nutrients

best nutrient brand feeding

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The Feeding line of marijuana fertilizers comes from the legendary Green House cannabis seed bank. They are designed to meet the nutritional needs of marijuana at a low cost and with excellent results. For this reason, if you are a novice grower and don’t know what type of cannabis fertilizer to use, we recommend this one.

They are presented in powder form, so they can be used diluted with irrigation water, although there is no contraindication to use them in the substrate in which we plant. Within its wide range of products, there is a nutrient for marijuana for every situation. All of them are 100% organic and in solid form.

Outstanding Feeding fertilisers:

Feeding Bio Bloom nutrient: This is a specific nutrient for plants of any type suitable for the flowering (either long or short) stage, it is intended for those growers who wish to simplify the fertilizing process.

Feeding Bio Grow fertilizer: This nutrient is optimal to boost the growth phase of marijuana organically, in a simple and effective way.
Feeding Bio Enhancer nutrient. A fertilizer that organically strengthens our crop and revitalizes and invigorates the health of Cannabis, making both growth and flowering soar.

Feeding Booster nutrient: Give that extra boost to the flowering of your plants with this fertilizer for marijuana, which will give denser and more resinous buds.

Feeding Long Flowering Fertilizer: One of the most economical and versatile options of the house without giving up explosive results in our Cannabis, especially for long flowering plants (more than 9 weeks).

Feeding Hybrids nutrient: The all-rounder of fertilizers for marijuana. Its use is recommended for practically all types of Cannabis hybrids.

Feeding Short Flowering Fertilizer: Optimal fertilizer for both the growth and flowering of short flowering and autoflowering plants.

Feeding Grow nutrient: Specially designed for the growth process of marijuana and to give an extra supply of nitrogen.

Terra Aquatica nutrients

best nutrient brand terra aquatica

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The fertilizer company Terra Aquatica specializes in cutting-edge nutrients, some of which have been developed in conjunction with NASA, no less. They are one of the longest standing on the list, having been providing nutrient solutions for Cannabis growers around the globe since 1976. Their goal is to create precision fertilizers for the most demanding breeders, with a focus on good Cannabis nutrition.

Recommended Terra Aquatica nutrients:

Oligo Spectrum: This is the perfect nutrient to get started with this brand, as it provides complementary micronutrients to other brands’ fertilizers, to enhance them at terra Aquatica-style even if you don’t usually use their products. For those who already use the brand, it is a high quality chelated micronutrient supplement.

Tripart: is the best way to get a selection of nutrients at a spectacular price. It consists of a nutrient designed for structural development and leaf production in young plants. A root booster with explosive effects on flowering. And, finally, a microelements and trace elements concentrate in the form of silver chelates, optimal for stabilizing the pH of the substrate. A pack you can’t afford to miss out on.

Flora Duo Grow: this is a specific nutrient for plant growth. Thanks to its Bio essence, this product has a unique solubility. For this reason, its use is also recommended for hydroponic crops, as it contains fluvic and humic acids that stimulate the plants’ absorption capacity.

Biobizz fertilizers

best nutrient brand biobizz

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Biobizz is possibly one of the most sustainable nutrient brands on the market. The work of this brand is based on ecological awareness and the use of organic materials and nutrients for plants. This results in a range of 100% organic products aimed at the grower who wants to stay away from chemicals in their growing soil, while offering an environmentally friendly alternative in the field of fertilizers for marijuana. Biobizz does a spectacular job of caring for plants with the line of products we now present to you.

Best nutrients from Biobizz

Alg-A-Mic: This is a nutrient for cannabis is made from seaweed. Its main feature is that it acts by increasing the plants’ resistance to possible risks of disease or periods of stress. It also boosts the creation of chlorophyll, thus increasing plant vitality.

Acti Vera: this product is made from Aloe Vera, one of nature’s balsamic oils. It is designed to be applied at all stages of cultivation. It works to give plants a healthier life and promotes explosive growth and flowering.

Bio Heaven: the best eco energy boost for your plants. It strengthens the nutrients absorption, improving the final yield. The formula of this bio stimulator for all phases of cultivation includes essential micronutrients and natural aged humus, ingredients that greatly increase the levels of minerals in the soil.

Root Juice: This is an organic product designed to stimulate marijuana roots. Not only does it stop there, but it increases plant growth while improving nutrient absorption. It also favours the development of microorganisms, which translates into bigger and stronger roots and, therefore, better harvests.

Hesi nutrients

best nutrient brand hesi

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Hesi is a Dutch brand of nutrients with a clear premise: simplicity and maximum use of resources. With this philosophy, Hesi provides the market with a range of nutrients of the highest possible quality at a truly competitive price. Their products are rich in glucose, enzymes and amino acids and the result is premium quality nutrients for marijuana that will take care of your crop as it deserves without making your wallet suffer. Here is a selection of their most acclaimed products.

The best Hesi nutrients

Hesi Boost: one of the most powerful bloom boosters on the market. It is suitable for any medium or substrate and for a correct functioning it is advisable to apply it together with the Hesi bloom nutrient and the phosphorus supplement, which we will describe later. The performance of these three compounds in the flowering stage of your crop will result in an explosion of buds that will be reflected in terms of aroma, production and size.

Flowering Soil: We continue with the Hesi range of nutrients with a nutrient for Cannabis flowering. It is made up of substances that are vital for the growth of the plant, while providing the ideal NPK values for your girls. As we said before, together with Hesi Boost, you will unleash the full growth potential of your crop with impressive results.

Phosphorus Plus: Do you notice a phosphorus deficiency in your plants? Then give them the nutritional values they need with this phosphorus supplement, which has one of the best quality-price ratios. This nutrient is one of the most essential when it comes to fully develop the flowering period of the crop.

Super Vit: This vitamin booster is designed for any stage of the crop. Especially using it during the flowering stage it will be giving a mixture of 10 amino acids and 15 vitamins that will improve the photosynthesis process in a period as important as the development of the buds.

Agrobacterias brand

agrobacterias best nutrients brands

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Agrobacteria is a 100% organic nutrient brand packed with fungicides and bio stimulators. These compounds ensure that plants are adequately protected, as well as allowing them to recover after a period of stress or illness. Within their product line we find products that are different from other brands and very interesting for their quality/price ratio and ease of use. 

The most outstanding agrobacterias nutrients:

Bactogel Guerrilla: this is a product suitable for improving the substrate of the crop. It has a series of polymers that retain the water and space out the irrigations, as the substrate takes longer to dry.

Bactomatik Rex: This is a specific nutrient for autoflowering plants with short flowering periods. Its main virtue is the growth of Cannabis roots.

Bactobloom: this is a compound made up of different bacteria that coexist with the plant, boosting its vigour during the flowering process.

Bactohemp: this fertiliser for marijuana is made up of bacteria and bacillus that favour an explosion of Cannabis buds. It is valid for all phases of cultivation and can be used especially during growth and then continued with Bactobloom.

B.A.C. brand fertilizers

bac best fertilizers


B.A.C. nutrients are widely known in the cannabis community for their quality and competitive price. This Dutch company, founded in 2002, has managed to position itself very well in the market thanks to a range of products that meets the needs of the most demanding cannabis growers. This does not mean that they are not easy to use and ideal for any type of grower: novice or expert, for all these reasons they are one of the best brands of nutrients for marijuana. You can see our special on BAC and we leave you a selection of their most outstanding products.

Examples of B.A.C. Nutrients

BAC Organic Grow: this product is created to feed the marijuana plant during its vegetative growth period. It has high levels of organic NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) very suitable for a vigorous growth.

BAC Organic Bloom: is the perfect complement to the previous product. In this case, Organic Bloom is designed to boost marijuana in its flowering stage. It will be the best ally to achieve an explosive and lush organic flowering, in addition to providing extra phosphorus and potassium, essential nutrients for the proper development of Cannabis.

BAC Root Stimulator: this is a product designed to improve root performance. It is a highly concentrated strengthener that, while protecting the root system, acts as a barrier against diseases that may appear in the substrate of the crop. It also facilitates the action of other fertilizers by lowering the pH value of the nutrient solution.

BAC Final Solution: this product is intended for the final phase of our marijuana crop. In this way, it acts by cleaning and recovering the substrate, a task that every grower has to face before harvesting. It should always be used when using a PK fertilizer, as it favours the absorption of the nutrients that this type of nutrient contains.

THC brand

thc top fertilisers


The THC fertilizer house has formulated all their products in powder form, which means that they are applied dry. They are usually used by mixing them with the growing soil weeks before planting the Cannabis. This ensures that the compounds are fully integrated into the substrate, so we get a nutrient rich soil that will be slowly released throughout the growth of the Cannabis. Like Agrobacterias, THC has a polymer based product that allows watering to be delivered in a spaced out manner while providing extra nutrients to our girls.

Epsonite THC. This is a rich in magnesium supplement and designed to alleviate the deficiency of this mineral in Cannabis crops. The lack of magnesium, serious in itself, is often accompanied by more nutritional deficiencies.

THC polymers. Polymers are soil moisture correctors. They ensure correct water absorption and reduce water losses due to seepage.
Dolomite. This is a nutrient for marijuana enriched with magnesium and calcium. It also corrects the soil structure of the crop.

Nutrients by the Canna brand

top canna fertilizers

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The nutrient brand Canna has been bringing the best nutritional options to the market since 1994, this makes it one of the top marijuana nutrient and booster brands on the market. Always at the forefront of innovation and a source of inspiration for other nutrient brands that have come along over the years. Its range of products is widely established in the market and very well identified by the international community of breeders. You can see our special on Canna and here is a selection of their best products from both their mineral and organic ranges.

Outstanding Canna fertilisers

Canna Boost: one of the company’s flagships. This stimulator is designed to increase the quantity and quality of marijuana harvests. It works by stimulating the growth of new flowers on the plant. This not only improves the size of the plant, but also the quantity of flowers. In addition, Canna Boost sweetens and intensifies the natural flavour of marijuana essential oils.

Canna Flush: This is a product aimed at cleaning the excess nutrients of substrates and roots. It is the ideal nutrient to leave plants free of toxins and to get rid of possible excess nutrients derived from overwatering with too many products. In addition, its formula is 100% biodegradable, so its use is recommended for all types of substrate.

Terra Flores: is a nutrient designed for the development of marijuana flowers. With Terra Flores you will obtain larger fruits, with more resin and, therefore, with a higher THC concentration. It also incorporates high levels of potassium and phosphate, two basic substances for the correct development of the flowering stage of marijuana.

Bio Rhizotonic: this is the organic version of the classic Canna Rhizotonic. Its use is aimed at strengthening marijuana roots and overcoming stress situations in them, always in a way that respects the precepts of organic farming. Roots are the foundation of marijuana, so keeping them healthy, strong and clean will determine, to a large extent, exquisite results. This is why it is highly recommended to use products of this type.

If you found this article on the best marijuana nutrient brands interesting, you will probably be interested in the monographic videos we are making on the different nutrients, such as our comparative video on The Best Bio Growth Nutrients or our article about Cannabis Roots: The Best Root Stimulators.

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