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Feeding Booster is a flowering complement developed by GreenHouse Seeds to offer a product in solid format to obtain an explosive flowering. Denser and more developed buds and more resin in a product that is very easy to use and can be sent all over the world.

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Feeding Booster for growing marijuana

Feeding Booster is a flowering supplement designed by Greenhouse Seeds to offer a more developed buds, hard, compact and with more resin. It is a solid format fertilizer and very easy to use.

Feeding Booster was formulated to provide large amounts of Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and various micronutrients so that the plants have an even more splendorous flowering and that the amount of fruit produced increases significantly.

The fact is that this product, in addition to its simplicity of application, is very economical. So much so that with only 125 grams of this product it is possible to fertilize more than 100 liters of soil, values that increase when combined with other products for the flowering of the Feeding range. Besides that, it is a product that is barely modified after opening, being able to be used up to 10 years after the oppening without losing characteristics.

Feeding Booster should be used mixed in water once every 2 waterings, when grown in soil. In the case of hydroponic or coconut crops, it should be used in each watering. Its application should begin in the third week of the flowering phase with a gradual increase in the amount until the week before cutting, in which fertilization should be suspended.

Feeding Booster instructions for use:

  • This product must be mixed directly in the irrigation water. During weeks 3 and 4 of flowering use 3gr per 10 liters of water. In week 5 and 6 this amount increases to 4gr / 10 liters for week 7 and 8 to rise to a value of 5 gr per 10 liters of irrigation water. Standard values for plants with 10 weeks of flowering, if there is more or less flowering time these values should be adjusted.
  • In soil crops, this product should be used once every 2 irrigations. In other medium the fertilization must occur in each irrigation.
  • N-P-K: 0-30-27

This product can be shipped worldwide and includes a 10 grams dosing spoon.