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Feeding Short Flowering is a solid format fertilizer valid for the growth and flowering of marijuana plants with a short flowering cycle and for autoflowering. The ease of use and the possibility of sending it all over the world are two of its most outstanding characteristics.

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Feeding Short Flowering for growing marijuana

Feeding Short Flowering is a fertilizer designed for the entire life cycle of short flowering plants, that is, with less than 8 weeks of flowering and for all types of autoflowering plants. This product can provide all the necessary nutrients for the growth and flowering of this type of plants, which will grow strong and with abundant flowers.

This product stands out, among other advantages, for its economic price and ease of use. For this reason, Feeding Short Flowering is highly recommended for all types of growers, from the least experienced to the most professional. Another advantage of Feeding Short Flowering is its durability, once it can be kept open for about 10 years without losing its characteristics!

For a correct use of this product, it is recommended to use it mixed in water once every two waterings, in the case of crops in soil. If the crops are in hydroponics or coconut, the fertilizer must be applied in each irrigation. For seedlings in their first stages of life, it is advisable to use a lower dose than recommended. In the case of using substracts already fertilized, it is recommended not to use this product during the growth phase.

One of the most important advantages of Feeding Short Flowering is its incredible return, since about 500 grams of this product will reach to fertilize up to 200 liters of soil during the entire growth phase and flowering of marijuana plants with short flowering.

Feeding Short Flowering instructions for use:

  • This product must be mixed directly in the irrigation water. For seedlings or cuttings should be used an amount between 2.5 and 7 grams per 10 liters of water. For adult plants and mothers the recommended amount is 7 grams per 10 liters of water.
  • In soil crops should be fertilized with this product once every 2 irrigations. In other mediums the fertilization must occur in each irrigation.
  • In the case of using a substract already fertilized the use of this product is not recommended during the growth phase.
  • N-P-K: 16-6-26

This product can be shipped worldwide and includes a 10 grams dosing spoon.