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Feeding Bio Grow is a totally organic fertilizer developed by Greenhouse for the entire growth phase of marijuana plants. It is a prolonged release fertilizer that simplifies the task of the fertilization and nourishes the plant with all the necessary components for this phase of its life. Simple, easy to use and in solid format, allowing it to be sent all over the world!

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Feeding Bio Grow for growing marijuana

Feeding Bio Grow is a totally organic, all-in-one fertilizer designed by Greenhouse to make life easier for growers. This fertilizer, valid for the entire growth phase of the plant, is presented in solid form and, after application, is released slowly and prolonged throughout the cycle. In addition to the nutrients, it contains a set of beneficial bacteria for the plant that help the assimilation of nutrients and improve their root development.

Due to its prolonged release, Feeding Bio Grow is a fertilizer that must be applied directly mixed in the substract. To do this, about 3 grams of product per litre of soil or coconut should be mixed. This amount of fertilizer is enough to maintain the growth of the plants for up to 8 weeks without the need for any other product. The quantities used should be adjusted according to the number of weeks of growth and the characteristics of the soil (if it has already been fertilised, for example). If this product is not applied directly to the soil, it can be added later mixed in the top layer of the substract.

Feeding Bio Grow is a product that, due to the microorganisms present in its formulation, can form fungal myceliums in the top layer of the substract. This fungus is not harmful to people or animals and should not be removed, as it improves the microbial life of the soil and will disappear at the end of a few days.

Thus, Feeding Bio Grow is a product very easy to use and its release mechanism means that growers do not have to be so aware of the fertilization of their plants. In addition to that it is a product that, after opened, can be conserved up to two years unaltered, if kept in a fresh place and free of humidity.

Feeding Bio Grow instructions for use:

  • This product must be mixed directly in the substrate. For 8 weeks of fertilization, 3 grams of product per litre of substrate should be mixed.
  • If you want to add the product without having to transplant, you can mix the same amount in the surface layer of the substrate.

This product can be shipped worldwide and includes a 10 grams dosing spoon.