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Bud Candy is a fertilizer for indoor and outdoor plants that boosts the growth of flowers and improves the production of resin, the intensity of the aroma and the weight of the buds. Use Bud Candy to improve your yields.

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Bud Candy for Growing indoor and outdoor

Bud Candy is a fertilizer by Advanced Nutrients that was specifically created to boosts the growth and the weight of the flowers, the intensity of the aroma and the production of resin.

This fertilizer contains carbohydrates, molasses and sugar that aid to fatten the buds and give them a a pleasant smell, a delicious taste and an amazingpower.

When the plants reach the peak of the flowering phase they enter in a vicious circle. Thus, they need huge amounts of sugar that can far exceed the amount of sugar they are able to produce.

In this way, the plants may need an extra supply of carbohydrates to finish to develop optimally and to yield impressive aromatic and sweet buds that you were expecting. This extra is given by Bud Candy along with several essential vitamins (C and B) and L-amino acids to develop and to enhance their best qualities.

To use it, mix 2 ml per liter from 1-6 weeks of the flowering period. You can also use it in combination with Piranha, Tarantula and Voodoo Juice for the growing period, administering half of the dose.

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