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Jungle Juice by advanced Nutrients indoor and outdoor Fertilizer is made up of 3 parts that can be used throughout the entire plant cycle: Grow, Micro and Bloom. It is a fertilizer suitable for all types of crops and the highest quality at a very economical price.

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Jungle Juice Grow for Growing indoor and outdoor

Jungle Juice is the new fertilizers presented by Advanced Nutrients, which consists of 3 parts and is valid for the whole crop. These fertilizers can be used in soil, coconut or hydroponics without any problems. It is valid for any type of grower, whether amateur or advanced and guarantees the necessary nutrition at the best price.

After many years and hundreds of hours of research, Advanced Nutrients presents this 3-part fertilizer, each one  of designed for a specific stage of cultivation:

Micro - Designed to help plants in the first phase of growth. It provides essential nutrients for the first days of life such as nitrogen, iron, calcium and other microelements.

Grow - Ideal for the second phase of plant growth, providing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a balanced way to promote its vegetative phase.

Bloom - Formulated to provide explosive flowering, providing the phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur needed to obtain large, dense buds and achieve high yields.

These 3 parts must be used together throughout the life of the plant to obtain the ideal results.


• Conistent formulation and results in each batch

• Grow, NPK 2-1-6 ; Micro, NPK 5-0-1; Bloom, NPK 0-5-4

• It promotes the root growth and adjust the internodal space

• Effective and cheap

• Laboratory and pharmaceutical grade ingredients

• Does not alter the pH

Feed Chart (English-PDF)

Adjust the pH before uisng it. The ideal range is 5.6 to 6.3 for hydroponics and soil, peat, coconut and other culture media.

Growing Tables from Advanced Nutrients