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Oligo Spectrum provides complementary micronutrients to other brands fertilizers, this way you can benefit from  the results of terra Aquatica even if you do not usually use their products.

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Micronutrients Oligo Spectrum

Terra Aquatica's Oligo Spectrum is a high quality supplement to be added together with the base fertilizers, providing a complete range of concentrated micronutrients in the form of chelates. It is also a source of sub-micronutrients and has a biological buffer.

This product is specially designed for those growers who use other base fertilizers brands, who are looking for a substantial plants improvement  and cannot find the right product. Oligo Spectrum should not be used if you are already using Terra Aquatica's base fertilizers, as they contain the same micro elements.

This blend completes plants needs for micro nutrients absorbtion, as well for macro nutrients. Oligo Spectrum can be used in any type of substrate or water growing, as well as it can be applied foliarly for a faster absorption, as well as watering for a more lasting effect.

Oligo Spectrum is a certified organic product and all the micro nutrients it provides are chelated.

Oligo Spectrum Dosage

Use mixed with water in a proportion of 2 ml per litre for hydroponic watering and foliar use, while for soil application should be a maximum of 3 ml per litre.

Oligo Spectrum is prepared for use on all nutrients and substrates, mineral and organic, of any brand except Terra Aquatica, both in hydroponics and in outdoor gardening.