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Protect from Terra Aquatica is a super-concentrate with insecticide with plant empowering properties, it eliminates any harmful pathogens of the crops, while strengthening the plant's defenses.

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Protect Insecticide

Protect is a super-concentrated fortifier and plague killer that allow to get rid of various harmful pathogens when growing indoor or outdoor. It is a product developed by Terra Aquatica, the new brand name of General Hydroponics, one of the most respected manufacters of growing products in the market.

Protect will guard your plants from pests while protecting and strengthening the plant's health and defenses. How does it work? Very simple, it provides a protective layer on the leaves that enhance defenses and also works as a repellent of harmful insects.

Protect dosage

Foliar application of Protect is recommended. To do this, dilute 5ml of the product for every litre of water.

Protect can be used at all stages of the plant's life cycle. However, it is not advisable to spray Protect solution directly onto the flowers when last flowering stages.

Never use more than 3 times per plant life cycle.