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Fulvic is a natural bio-stimulator that offers the best and purest sources of fulvic acid to ensure excellent vigour from the early stages of cultivation.

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Fulvic ecological stimulant

Terra Aquatica's Fulvic is the highest quality planting and growth stimulant, ultra-pure, 100% natural fulvic acid, a source of the best natural nutrients.

The main source of fulvic acid that Fulvic contains is based on different sources of high quality Leonardite. Fulvic contains high quality fulvic acid, along with secret nutrient enhancing ingredients, promoting vigorous growth naturally.

In addition, this product offers the perfect pH technology. This means that you don't have to keep raising and lowering the pH levels every time you use this product.

Terra Aquatica guarantees that this product contains the highest quality fulvic acids of 100% natural origin.

Fulvic dosage

Use in dilution with water in a proportion of 2 ml per litre for irrigation, while for foliar application use 3 ml per litre.

Fulvic ecological stimulant  Advantages

Better root development

Faster harvests

Healthier and more disease-resistant plants

Better quality of taste and aroma

Increased performance of essential oils

Significantly higher yields

Fulvic is prepared for use in all nutrients and substrates, mineral and organic, from GHE or another brand, both in hydroponics and in outdoor gardening.