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Terra Aquatica's Urtimax is a 100% natural nettle concentrate that will provide the necessary minerals the plant needs before flowering. It also fights chlorosis and strengthens the plant's defences against pests.

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Urtimax Nettle Infusion

Urtimax is the definitive treatment against chlorosis. This product is a nettle infusion made by Terra Aquatica, one of the most reputable manufacturers of Cannabis growing products. This tonic will provide health to marijuana plants while strengthening its defenses against pests.

Terra Aquatica's Urtimax has a 100% bio formula, additives free, completely natural and created from the extraction of nettle leaves in water.

Nettle, Urtimax's main ingredient, has been used throughout gardening history precisely to improve crop protection and nutrition, making it a safe option to strengthen marijuana specimens. Although it may seem strange, nettles are great companions to marijuana, so they have been used as allelopatic plants to grow near marijuana crops.

On the other hand, the nettle present in Urtimax is rich in amino acids and many nutrients needed by the Cannabis plant. That is why they are also a widely used ingredient in the compost piles. Not to mention its urticating effects, which keep animals away from the crop.

This multi-purpose product will stop the plants degradation caused by the chlorine in the water, also known as chlorosis. Chlorosis is a common phenomenon when growing Cannabis because the water quality. This problem is usually related to a nutrient deficiency, such as iron; or to an excess of nutrients.

Urtimax will also correct mineral deficiencies. This is because, as we have indicated, nettles are very rich in such essential minerals as iron, nitrogen, potassium, enzymes and trace elements.

A real organic healing cocktail for your plants, which will thank you with better harvests and aromas. In addition, Urtimax also improves the plant's resistance to diseases or unwanted insects.

Urtimax dosage

Urtimax can be used in a foliar way and in a direct solution in irrigation water. Always during the growth and first moments of flowering phase.

To apply foliarly, dilute 20 ml for each liter of water and use a spray to pulverize the plant.

For direct use water, dilute 30 ml for each litre of water or nutritive solution used and water the soil.