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PermaBloom is a nutritional additive that stimulates the marijuana plants growth and flowering.

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PermaBloom fertilizer for marijuana cultivation

Terra Aquatica's PermaBloom is a plant based fertilizer that provides a completely natural blend of minerals. It is always used in conjunction with Tripart fertilizers and is the best ally for enlarge yields.

The plants used to obtain the nutrient-rich mineral extracts offered by PermaBloom are of the highest quality and are grown under strict ecological efficiency standards.

The PermaBloom fertilizer adapts perfectly to any type of substrate and does not give problems when regulating the pH. Thanks to the buffered pH technology, in most cases it will not be necessary to regulate the pH, as long as it is used with the Terra Aquatica Tripart fertilizers. This marijuana fertilizer is also suitable for use with other brands of fertilizers, you only need to be a little more aware of the pH.

PermaBloom increases the plants vigor in the crop as well as flowers and essential oils production.

How to use PermaBloom

Shake well before use: The nutrients are highly concentrated.

Maximum dosage: 3ml/L of water, and even less if it is a young plant or if you are going to use it in soil.

Add together with the usual growth and flowering fertilizer, recommended Tripart.

Mix well, measure pH and always clean the measuring equipment after each use.