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Terra Aquatica's FlashClean cleans the substrates, optimizes nutrients absorption and consequently the plants develop better, healthier and with a higher yield.

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FlashClean cleaner

Terra Aquatica's FlashClean is the perfect ally to keep crops as clean and optimized as possible. By means of a unique formula it is in charge of converting the salts that block the plants feeding into assimilable compounds again.

No matter what type of crop you are dealing with, after a few days or weeks salts start to show up in the substrate, they block the nutrients absorption by the roots. This is a very common problem and at the same time little known by growers, if you ever think you are doing everything right and your plants stop developing, you need FlashClean.

FlashClean breaks down and dissolves salts that have accumulated from the use of water and fertilizers, generating compounds that can be assimilated by plants or eliminating those that cannot be reconverted.

It also corrects the nutrients stability, making each of the fertilizers more effective than before.

It avoids future nutrients blocking, not allowing new salts to form that could block the roots again.

It is also a product that generates beneficial microbial life for the plants.

FlashClean can also be used as a final cleaner once the harvest has come.

Therefore the Terra Aquatica FlashClean is an indispensable product for any grower who wants to have profitable and healthy crops.

FlashClean dosage

There are three different types of use Terra Aquatica FlashClean, the first one is to readjust and refresh the nutrients, for example when we change from root fertilizer to growth fertilizer, or from the latter to flowering. It can also be used when we have symptoms of nutrient deficiency or excess. Finally, it can be used as a cleaning solution for the end of the crop.

In the 3 cases we must use mixed with water in a proportion of 1.5 ml to 3 ml per liter in use for hydroponic crops.