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Root Booster from Terra Aquatica is a root enhancer that will make your plant's roots grow vigorously. It is also the perfect ally for germinating seeds or strengthening seedlings and cuttings roots.

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Root Booster

Root Booster is the 100% ecological root and growth enhancer. Terra Aquatica, the new name of General Hydroponics, provides us with this natural supplement prepared to promote the growth of a healthy root system and a vigorous vegetative growth in a 100% organic way.

Its formula contains vitamins, enzymes, and humic acids that will accelerate and enhance root growth without the use of any synthetic or chemical materials.

Root Booster fertilizer is perfect for use in seedling and cutting root formation by enhancing the growth of the root system. But it will also be your perfect ally to give your adult plant's roots an extra boost, as it will improve the absorption of essential nutrients.

This multi-purpose fertilizer is also used for Cannabis seeds germination. By diluting a little of this concentrate you can create a solution in which you can soak the seeds before planting them into the substrate.

Root Booster Dosing

To use Root Booster with transplanted cuttings, seeds and seedlings it is recommended to apply them for 15 days in a solution of 3 to 5 ml/L of water.

You can also use it as a foliar fertilizer and for that, you have to dilute 3 ml/L of Root Booster in water or a nutritive solution.

Terra Aquatica recommends continuing the use of Root Booster with your Fulvic, to stimulate the creation of endless root terminations.

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