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The Bactochemp fertiliser developed by Agrobacterias contains Bacteria and Bacillus that live in symbiosis with the plant's roots. Beneficial fungi for indoor and outdoor plants.

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Bactohemp for indoor and outdoor Growing

This fertilizer is produced by Agrobacterias, the Bactohemp is a product with a great value for money, it optimises the growth, the development of the plants and their flowering with just one single application.

The Bactohemp fertiliser has the ability to convert salts that the plant can no longer use into organic matter that can be reused.

Bactohemp generates micro life and beneficial organisms for plants, promoting root proliferation in a spectacular way. It is also recommended to apply it after each transplant as it helps the plant to root quickly and very effectively.

This Agrobacteria fertilizer is valid for indoor and outdoor use, and Bactohemp is a 100% organic product.

A single bottle of Bactohemp can treat up to 80 plants.