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The Bactogel Guerrilla is a product made by Agrobacterias is made of polymers that retain the water thus enabling to increase the irrigation area and contains millions of micro bacteria that improve the soil of the plants. Polymers are very useful for making the irrigation last longer.

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Guerilla Bactogel Polymers

Guerilla Bactogel significantly improves the substrate, especially for outdoor crops by providing much water to the soil through its polymers. Therefore, you will have to watering less often.

Besides that, this product, as the whole line of Agrobacteria, provides beneficial microorganisms for plants. These microorganisms will grow, develop and multiply within the substrate, achieving a significant improvement.

Guerrilla Bactogel is ideal for those growers who can not water the crops often.

Quick and high water absorption.

Reduce seepage losses (sandy soils).

Keeps the water supplies for the plants.

Reduces the number of irrigations in approximately one-third.

Long duration of treatment (up to four years).

They increase the plant's growth rate.

Reduces the losses rate by transplant.

It is served in formats of 50 and 200 grams

Dosage of Guerilla Bactogel:

On the pot: add it to the substrate and mix one tea spoon of dessert in 10 liters of substrate
On the floor: add it to the substrate and mix a handful of this product per plant.


- 90% of polymers made of acrylamide and potassium acrylate
- 5% (108ufc/g) of bacteria. Rhizosphere
- 5% (50 spores/g) of arbuscular mycorrhizae forming fungi mixed with zeolites


Guerrilla Bactogel retains its properties over a period of 20 months, it should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and sources of moisture.


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