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BAC Organic Bloom is a top quality organic fertilizr from BAC being excellent for promoting healthy plants and explosive flowering.

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BAC organic Bloom for Growing Marijuana

BAC Organic Bloom is a top quality Cannabis fertilizer from organic origin. It yields a lot since due to its high concentration and liqui form. It was especially created for the flowering period of Cannabis plants. This new BAC fertilizer is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivations as well as for all kinds of substrates. 

BAC organic Bloom has ideal NPK amounts for and explosive flowering. It is a fertilizer easily assimilated by plants and enriched with in Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).

BAC Organic Bloom fertilizer also includes large amounts of top quality macro and micronutrients responsible of promoting more abundant, large and dense buds. 

BAC organic Bloom is also suitable for protecting marijuana plants from internal diseases and external aggressions.

This fertilizer is grealty fixed in all kinds of soils. Nonetheless, be careful with overfertilization issues, if that happens we recommend to do an irrigation with enzymes once a week.

Dosage and applicaton method of BAC organic Bloom

  • Dilute 2-3ml of BAC organic Grow per liter of water and do a root application (watering). Start with 2ml/L and increase the dosage to a maximum of 5ml/L.
  • Use it only on waterings and never as a spray. 

Not recommended for hydroponic systems.

Components of BAC organic Bloom:

  • Alfalfa fertilization
  • Molasse mixtures (natural sugars)
  • Kalivinasse
  • Biological diluent
  • Rock meal
  • Balanced amounts of secundary elements

NPK composition of Bio Bloom

Nitrogen: 6%.

Phosphorus: 5%.

Potassium: 6%.

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