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BAC Organic PK Booster is a bio flowering supplement from B.A.C. of organic origin that promotes a great flower and resin production.

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BAC Organic PK Booster 

BAC Organic PK Booster from BAC is a supplement for bloom fertilizer that provides fully organic Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) components. It should be applied from the third week of flowering. It yields a lot since due to its high concentration and liqui form. It was especially created for promoting large and dense buds. In fact, PK supplements are indispensable for getting hard-rock buds, although these elements are not usually 100% organic. The elements of BAC Organic PK Booster are.

BAC Organic PK Booster is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivations as well as for all kinds of substrates.

BAC Organic PK Booster ensures an incredible resin production in the flowers of marijuana plants thus increasing the quality and quantity of the crops. It also enhances the organoleptic properties of the plants that is clearly identifiable in the aroma and taste. Besides that, is a booster of easy assimilation by the plants.

BAC Organic PK Booster Bloom Booster is enriched with trace elements of the highest quality to improve the quality of the harvest. 

Do not mix it with products containing enzymes. Extremely concentrated. Keep it in a cool place.

Dosage and application mode of BAC Organic PK Booster:

  • Use it only in the last weeks of the flowering period. The amounts to be used are calculated for 1 liter of water. Mix 1 ml in 1 liter of water on the third and fourth week of flowering, use 0.5ml/L in the following two weeks and use 3ml/L in the seventh week. In the last week use 2ml/L.
  • Use it only on waterings and never as a spray. 

Valid for hydroponic systems using the same dosage as referred above. 

Components of BAC Organic PK Booster:

  • Alfafa fertilization
  • Mixture of molasse sugars 
  • Kalivinasse
  • Organic diluent
  • Rock meal
  • Balanced amounts of trace elements.