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BAC Auto Stimulator fertilizer is an all-round stimulator specially designed for autoflowering plants, 100% organic origin.

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BAC Auto Stimulator Stimulator

The stimulator for autoflowering plants Auto Stimulator of BAC is a fertilizer specially designed to work together with the Fast Food Organic in autoflowering plants. It is a 100% organic stimulator with veganic certificate.

The Auto Stimulator formula was developed to obtain the best results in autoflowering and fast growing plants. It is a high performance and very concentrated stimulator.

In its composition, we can find natural herbal extracts, which will feed the microorganisms necessary for a perfect assimilation of BAC Fast Food fertilizer.

Auto Stimulator will provide extra energy to the plants, which will result in more plant mass, stronger roots, flowering with maximum yield and denser and heavier buds.

This stimulator is compatible with different ranges of products but tests carried out by the manufacturer indicate that it works best in combination with BAC Fast Food and XSeed of the same brand, which will allow the plants to develop faster and start absorbing all the nutrients earlier.

Benefits of Bac's Auto Stimulator

  • A single stimulator for the entire life cycle of autoflowering plants.
  • It should be applied in irrigation, with the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Totally organic biochemical product.
  • Suitable for all types of substrates.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Available in 120mL and 300mL.


Watering: 0.1 to 0.2 mL per liter of water during the whole life cycle of the plant.


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