BAC Seeds is a treatment for seed germination, a enhancer of the root system and of the early seedling growth period.

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XSeeds Bac for Growing Marijuana

Usin BAC Xseeds you make sure that the seeds get a greater resistance to pathogens and root diseases, that means that is increases the immune system of the plants increasing their vigor.

One week after sowing the plants treated with BAC Xseeds they developes from 3 to 4 times more than plants which not receives this treatment.

XSeeds protects the plants and their root system, eliminating fungi and harmful organisms, preventing also all kinds of diseases.

The product is ready for use. We put the seeds into the BAC Xseeds for 60 minutes before planting, it's simple like that. BAC Xseeds can be used both in classical Marijuana growing and in organic crops, because it's a 100% natural product.

Each XSeeds container can be applied for up to 20 Marijuana seeds.

Features of XSeeds Bac:

  • Valid for all kind of crops and substrates
  • Suitable for all types of seeds
  • 100% Bio
  • 10 grams
  • Up to 20 seeds