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BAC's Bloom Stimulator is a B.A.C. bio flowering stimulator that develops larger, denser, more resinous flowers and protects the plant.

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Bloom Stimulator from BAC

The BAC stimulator Bloom Stimulator is a supplement for totally organic flowering, applied during the entire flowering phase of marijuana. This product is very concentrated, so it lasts a long time, is served in containers with liquid. Created specifically to have an explosive flowering, with large, dense and resinous flowers. BAC Bloom Stimulator can be used in both indoor and outdoor crops, it is also suitable for all types of substrates.

BAC Bloom Stimulator stimulates the growth of micro organisms beneficial to the marijuana plant, ensuring greater absorption of other nutrients, such as the flowering fertilizer BAC Organic Bloom, which is poured during the same period. It is a flowering stimulator bio easy assimilation for plants.

BAC's Bloom Stimulator bio flowering stimulator also activates the plants' system, so that they develop flowers more quickly.

BAC's Bloom Stimulator has a protective effect on the plant and substrate, leading to simpler and safer harvests. It also lowers the pH value of the nutrient solution, making it easier to combine with other fertilizers. Used in hydroponic and aeroponic systems, it cleans tubes and drippers.

Not to be used together with products containing enzymes. Product very concentrated. Keep in a cool place.

BAC Bloom Stimulator dosage and usage mode

  • It is used only during the whole flowering period. The quantities to use are to mix with 10 liters of water (very concentrated). The second and penultimate week of flowering is used 1ml per 10 liters, the rest of weeks 2ml per 10 liters of water. 
  • Only to use in irrigation and never in pulverization.

It is suitable for use in hydroponic systems, with the same dosages.

Components of BAC's Bloom Stimulator

  • Organic fertilizer
  • Mixture of minerals of organic origin

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