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BAC's Silica Power is a totally organic supplement for the entire life cycle of the plant that will help the plant resist temperatures, humidity, pests and other types of stress it may suffer during its life cycle. In addition to these characteristics, silica helps the plant widen stems and assimilate nutrients in a better way.

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BAC Silica Power for Marihuana Grow

The organic stimulator Silica Power of BAC is a solution to use all the benefits of silica to the marijuana plants and that can be used as supplement during all the cycle of growth and flowering of the plant. This product can be used in any type of growth medium and in different substrates.

Silica Power and it's ingredient, the silicium, helps marijuana plants to better resist different types of stress, both biotic (caused by animals) and abiotic (caused by physical causes). In the case of biotic stress we can highlight the different pests of the crop, whether fungi, insects or other affidae. Within abiotic stress we have the temperature, lack of water or excess salinity of the soil. In this case Silica Power induces the formation of a layer of silica around the leaves and stem of the plant that hinders the penetration of pests and reduces water losses, whether caused by temperature or lack of humidity.

In addition to these characteristics, Silica Power helps the plant to form thicker stems. With this process, the plant will resist better to the excess weight of its fruits and to the wind, resulting in a smaller number of broken branches caused by these factors.

Silica Power is also ideal to help the plant better assimilate the nutrients present in the soil, allowing it to obtain nutrients that would, otherwise, not be available for the plant.

Dosage and application mode of BAC Silica Power:

  • It can be used during the whole life cycle of the plant, both in growth and in flowering. For a correct use should be used mixing 1mL per 10 Liters of irrigation water. From the first week onwards, increase by 0.5 mL per 10 litres of water per week, up to a maximum of 3 mL per 10 litres of water. Dissolve Silica Power before any other nutrient.
  • Use in irrigation or foliar application. This last one is the most indicated to avoid the attacks of fungi to the stem of the plant.

Valid for hydroponic systems using the same dosage as referred above. 

Components of BAC Silica Power:

  • Silicium Dioxide