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The BAC Soil Bloom 1-Component is an all-in-one fertilizer from the famous B.A.C. brand. This is a mineral fertilizer that provides to the plants all the macro nutrients they need during their flowering phase.

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BAC Soil Bloom 1-Component flowering fertilizer

B.A.C. is one of the most important fertilizer brands in the market at the moment. From its range of mineral fertilizers we present you the BAC Soil Bloom 1-component, an all-in-one fertilizer that provides all macro nutrients needed by plants for the best development on the flowering phase. This is the ideal fertilizer to use both indoors and outdoors and offers the best results in soil substrates.

The BAC Soil Bloom flowering fertilizer is enriched with the most appropriate proportions of NPK macro elements, in the form of oxides and nitrates, to guarantee the best results.

This fertilizer comes ready to use, just mix it with the water in the indicated proportions and water the plants. They will start to absorb it quickly and you will notice the change after a few hours, both in terms of strength and flowers fattening.

BAC's recommend using this fertilizer adding a little of calcium, as this fertilizer does not contain any. This happens because calcium precipitates quickly in contact with the other nutrients, so it is preferable to add it in liquid or solid form separately.

Also for best results, BAC recommends using F1 Extreme Booster with this fertilizer, to get the thickest buds with the best aroma possible.

BAC Soil Bloom using and dosing

  • Dilute 2.5-5 ml of BAC Soil Bloom for every litre of water and use in irrigation. Start with 2,5 ml/L to increase to a maximum of 5 ml/L
  • Only use in irrigation and never in spraying.
  • Not recommended for use in hydroponic systems.

BAC Soil Bloom composition

  • NPK: 6-1-4
  • 5.7% total nitrogen (N), of which 5.3% nitrate nitrogen (NO3) and 0.4% ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N).
  • 1.1% water-soluble phosphorus oxide (P2O5).
  • 4.0% water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O).

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