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The Most Productive Marijuana of 2023

Experiencia Natural, with its marijuana seeds, is pleased to bring you the ranking of the most productive marijuana seeds of 2023. Are you ready to take off, the best strains in terms of performance of this year are already here, and we come with quite a few surprises, this year we have witnessed a significant increase of new seed banks that have added strains to the list of the best. This list contains a variety of cannabis genetics with exceptional performance. Discover the new seeds with the highest yielding capacity for 2023 in the content we present to you here today. A small note and we start with the list.

What is the production capacity of Cannabis?

The production capacity of Cannabis is the maximum amount of flowers that a strain can produce in a given period of time and space. This amount depends on many factors, besides the most important factor, which is the genetics of the plant, other factors that can influence are climate, fertilization, irrigation, etc. The production capacity is also affected by training techniques and the skill of the grower.

The Most Productive Marijuana in 2023

We have done an exhaustive research to find the most productive marijuana strains on the market for 2023. This list has been compiled taking into account the results of banks, breeders’ reviews, our friends’ opinions and, of course, our extensive experience of more than 20 years. Don’t miss this definitive list of the best cannabis strains with the highest flower and resin production capacity!

The highest yielding cannabis of 2023

Get ready to freak out! The maximum yielding cannabis of 2023 is here. These strains, with their unique genetic crosses and traits, have successfully passed all the breeders’ tests, outperforming their peers and setting the highest numbers possible. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the best of the best! Let’s get started!

Triton Biscotto Lime from Seedstockers

triton most productive
Buy Triton Biscotto Lime

The wonderful Triton Biscotto Lime feminized from Seedstockers is an incredible marijuana strain that was created from a cross between Oreoz Mintz and Lemon Tree, with a slight Sativa predominance, perfect to enjoy a high yield and a very fast flowering for its Sativa genes!

Triton Biscotto Lime is a feminized marijuana with a dense and compact structure, slightly sativa dominant and high yields. It is ideal for beginners due to its resistant structure and adaptable to different growing conditions, both indoors and outdoors. This strain produces a generous harvest in a flowering period of 8 weeks indoors and at the end of September outdoors, with yields of 600 g/m2 indoors and higher yields outdoors.

Bay Burger from Delicious Seeds

bay burguer
Buy Bay Burger

Bay Burger from Delicious Seeds has already appeared in some of our other top lists, and its numbers are outrageous! We provide a feminized strain of Indica characteristics with a THC content of 28%, which can produce a maximum yield of 600gr/m2 under artificial lights. This strain stands out for being one of the most potent strains ever produced, and also for having a huge yielding capacity.

Its blend of terpenes has the ability to provoke a unique and unforgettable experience! This unique combination of pine, lemon and Kush offers you flavors with a fruity citrus aroma that you will love. The earthy flavor with hints of forest followed by an organoleptic explosion of citrus and metallic kush flavor will leave you speechless.

White Widow XXL from Barney’s Farm

white widow xxl
Buy White Widow XXL

White Widow XXL feminized is a variety with a vigorous growth that gives rise to plants with an Indica appearance, very compact, branched, with an incredible density of flowers and an XXL production. It can reach 120 cm in height indoors and over 2 meters outdoors, with large, dense buds loaded with resin, and small dark green leaves and orange pistils.

This maximum yielding variety is easy to care for, with good resistance to fungi and pests, and withstands well in colder climates. Its flowering finishes between 60 and 65 days indoors and between one and two weeks after summer outdoors, with a very high yield that can reach 650 grams per square meter indoors and 2 kilos per plant outdoors.

King’s Tart from Greenhouse Seeds

most productive 2023 kings tart
King’s Tart

King’s Tart seeds produce very vigorous and fast growing plants, with a maximum height of 3.5 meters outdoors. Indoors it also has a tendency to grow and for this reason, it is recommended to limit its growth period to 2-3 weeks.

Its buds are compact, hard and covered with trichomes and resin, with a creamy aroma. This strain forms a strong main cola and secondary branches equal to each other, which form a canopy that covers the whole plant. The flowering period of King’s Tart is short, taking 7 to 8 weeks indoors and one week before the end of summer outdoors.

The indoor production is high, surpassing the other recent novelties of this famous Dutch bank. But outdoors it is already sky-high, reaching up to 3.5 kg per plant.

Critical Mass from Advanced Seeds

productive critical mass
Buy Critical Mass

Critical Mass produces medium-sized plants with abundant foliage. Its height can reach 100 cm indoors, while outdoors it can reach 2.5 meters. This variety is easy to take care of and its fast flowering makes it suitable for almost any climate. At the end of flowering, the resulting buds are large, compact and with a large amount of resin. Its flowering takes only 45 to 50 days indoors, under grow lights, and outdoors, under sunlight, it can be harvested at the end of summer.

In addition to that speed, you can be prepared for a dream production! This strain from Advanced Seeds promises to be one of the most productive of its family, expected to reach 650 grams per square meter indoors! And outdoors, with minimal care, it will exceed 1.5 kg per plant.

B-45 by Booba from Silent Seeds

b45 by booba
Buy B-45 by Booba

B-45 By Booba from Silent Seeds is an exceptional cannabis strain created by crossing Florida OG x Pre’98 Bubba Kush and Orange Punch #66. This unique strain, when grown, displays remarkable vigor and robustness, with lush green leaves and a low to medium distance between nodes, characteristic of its Indica genetics. This premium quality strain is as potent and precise as the “Duc de Boulogne” and its early and abundant resin trichomes are proof of its unparalleled energy and quality, making it a collector’s item.

The B-45 By Booba is a cannabis strain of exceptional quality, designed for the most demanding international rap lovers, collectors and connoisseurs. This cannabis seed is very collectible, with a strong structure and an impressive production potential. Its dense, large and compact flowers can yield up to 600 g/m2 indoors and 1600 g/plant outdoors.

Polar Gelato from Silent Seeds

polar gelato cannabis plant
Buy Polar Gelato

Polar Gelato grows vigorously and when flowering is advanced it accumulates an abundance of flowers full of resin, so the use of tutors is recommended to avoid branch breakage. This variety is fast flowering, with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks indoors and around 2,8m in height outdoors, being harvested 1 or 2 weeks after the end of summer.

According to Silent Seeds data, the Polar Gelato hybrid strain can produce up to 600 g/m2 in indoor conditions and up to 1600 g/plant in optimal outdoor conditions. All this spiced with a very high production of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Which is the best marijuana for 2023?

In 2023, the best marijuana in the world is still a subjective concept, with different strains winning awards. Fans will always have different preferences, valuing the aromatic profile, the yield or the amount of cannabinoids. If production is taken into consideration, the best cannabis of 2023 is King’s Tart from Greenhouse Seeds with up to 3.5kg per plant outdoors.

Which is the most productive Indica in 2023?

The most productive Indica of 2023 is Bay Burger from Delicious Seeds. This seed is capable of reaching up to 650gr/m2 when grown indoors, while outdoor yields can also be off the charts.

Which is the highest yielding sativa of 2023?

Triton Biscotto Lime marijuana seeds from Seedstockers is the highest yielding Sativa in 2023. This strain is able to put 650gr/m2 under artificial lights, while with sunlight it reaches up to 2Kg per plant.

Which is the top-producing hybrid marijuana of 2023?

The most productive hybrid marijuana of 2023 is the Polar Gelato created by Silent Seeds in collaboration with the magician Sherbinski. This marvel of cannabis genetics is capable of reaching up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and 1600 grams per plant outdoors.

We hope you enjoyed a lot this content about the most productive marijuana plants of 2023. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our mailing list. Also, you can continue reading about The most productive seeds of 2022.

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