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Most Productive Marijuana 2022

The long awaited list with the ranking of the most productive marijuana 2022 has arrived to Natural Experience. The year 2022 was a year with many novelties, with the emergence of many new American genetics presented by the most famous seed banks in the world. Thus, as in previous years, we have different genetics from Barney’s Farm but also from Greenhouse, Serious Seeds and other banks consolidated in the sector. In this article you will be able to know the marijuana seeds with the highest yielding capacity of this year.

To compile the list of the most productive marijuana 2022 we have analyzed the data sheets of all the novelties launched this year, contrasting the data published by the seed banks with hundreds of opinions of growers from all over the world. This has allowed us to verify the information published by the banks and offer a list with some surprises. Speaking of surprises, we have a return in this ranking that we believe will surprise more than one…

What is productivity and how is it measured?

The productivity of marijuana seeds is measured by their capacity to produce fruits at the time of harvesting, that is, when the fruits are ripe. The most productive are those that offer a greater quantity of flowers at that moment.

To understand a little better the announced values we need to understand that the banks make laboratory tests and controlled measurements to know the different characteristics of their genetics, among which is the productive capacity. Normally, these measurements are made indoors and outdoors and the measure of grams per square meter is used for crops with artificial light (indoors) and grams per plant for crops with sunlight (outdoors).

Finally, it is necessary to understand that the data have different ways of proceeding when measuring the yields of their genetics. There are banks that, for example, do not indicate values for outdoor production or directly, they limit themselves to make a conversion from the values obtained indoors. Another factor that influences the measurement of yield is the light power used to obtain indoor yields. For example, Greenhouse usually uses a higher light output and therefore advertises higher yields. But don’t worry, we take all these factors into account when making our list.

The Most Productive Marijuana 2022

As we have explained before, the elaboration and selection of the genetics that we present in this list respond to a set of characteristics that we have collected throughout our research: we highlight the values reported by the manufacturing banks and the opinions of breeders and growers, which has helped us to contrast the information disseminated by the banks. The result is this list of the most productive marijuana 2022. Let’s start:

Persian Pie

Greenhouse Seeds is recognized as one of the best and most complete banks in the world, and this year has not ceased to surprise us. In our list of the most potent marijuana 2022 they had already offered us the incredible Purple Friction, and now they present us this super producer.

This novelty recently released on our website is the result of crossing a Lemon Tree with the Banana Krumble, so it guarantees a huge power and fast flowering. It is a strain that will be ready to harvest in 8 to 9 weeks and can offer up to 27% THC. If we add the fact that it can produce up to 3.5 kilos per plant outdoors, we can say that we are in front of a genetics that has it all.

But Persian Pie is not only yield, potency and speed of flowering. Its flavor and aroma are also incredible, with a complex mix of terpenes, among which lemon and earth stand out, with an unmistakable banana aroma.

Persian Pie
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Critical Mass Fast

We continue our list with Advanced Seeds, one of the best Spanish banks today, because it has presented us, in 2022, a Fast version of one of its most productive strain, the Critical Mass. This is none other than Critical + 2.0, a strain that became famous in the Dinafem catalog, but had disappeared with the closure of the bank. Now Advanced Seeds, besides recovering the original genetics, is able to offer us a fast version of it.

Critical Mass Fast is an ideal variety to obtain outdoor harvests even faster, since it can be harvested between 3 and 4 weeks before the end of summer. But this does not mean that it loses a bit of production, as it is able to offer more than 600 grams per square meter indoors. Outdoors, the bank does not indicate values for the production, but we have different sources that indicate that it is able to offer more than 2 kilos per plant.

Another of the most remarkable points of this genetics is its intense Skunk aroma mixed with exotic woods and the capacity to produce active cannabinoids, being able to reach 22% of THC. It is also the one with the best quality-price ratio in this list.

Critical Mass Fast
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Gelato #45

The third entry in our list of the most productive marijuana strains 2022 is the Gelato #45 from the renowned Dutch bank Barney’s Farm. It will not be the only one from this bank in this list because, as we already know, it is one of the best seed manufacturers in the world.

The Gelato #45 genetics originated on the west coast of the USA, as is the case with many of the best varieties that have come on the market in recent years. It is the result of crossing Sunset Sherbert with Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint, which gives it unique organoleptic properties.

It is a strain that is capable of producing a large amount of active cannabinoids and, best of all, it is able to deliver up to 3 kg of flowers per plant, when grown outdoors. Indoors, according to Barney’s, it is able to offer a mind-blowing 700 grams per square meter.

gelato 45
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The year 2022 is turning out to be one of the best years of the last decade for Serious Seeds. If in the last years they hardly presented any novelties and most of them proved to be unsuccessful and were quickly forgotten, this year they are doing great with their novelties. We have already seen how their genetics Seriotica has entered directly to the list of the most powerful of 2022, and now we have Seriosa in the list of the most productive.

Result of the crossing of the mythical genetics AK 47 with a Serious Mimosa, the result is a genetics with good production of active cannabinoids, medium size and fast flowering. Its specimens take only 8 weeks to finish flowering and to give more than 600 grams per square meter, indoors. Unfortunately, the bank does not indicate concrete values for its production outdoors, but the testimonies that we have collected indicate that these values easily exceed 2 kilos per plant.

In addition, its complex aroma is reminiscent of its ancestors, with the spicy touch of the AK47 and the sweet and fruity aromas of the Mimosa genetics.

Buy Seriosa

Runtz x Layer Cake

Once again we present, in this list, a genetic from Barney’s Farm. And now with a strain that has already entered the list of the most potent of 2022, for its incredible 27% of THC. We are talking about Runtz x Layer Cake, the result of crossing the genetics that give it its name and that, in addition to potency, offers very high production values.

Specifically, we are talking about a variety capable of offering, indoors, up to 650 grams per square meter, with 600W HPS or 315W LEC bulbs. Outdoors, with the help of sunlight, its production can exceed 2.5 kilos per plant, very high values if we take into account that its flowering will take just over 60 days.

With the high quality of its genetics we can only expect unique organoleptic properties and the truth is that it does not disappoint. Its aroma is a complex mixture with hints of lemon, gasoline, earth and spices, unique and exclusive for the most demanding tasters.

runtz x layer cake
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Blueberry Headband

And to finish the list of the most productive marijuana 2022 we have to rumble the drums, because our final surprise arrives. And it is none other than the famous Blueberry Headband, the genetics that was present on this list several times in recent years and had disappeared when they closed the bank Humboldt Seeds rises from the ashes and, with it, also returns this American bank.

One of the favorites in terms of productive capacity by the vast majority of growers, Blueberry Headband has not lost any of its capabilities, returning with a yield of up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and its already well known up to 4 kilos per plant outdoors.

It is not only because of its production that it is one of the growers’ favorites. It is a genetics that, in addition, presents THC values that can reach 23% and a very striking tonality, in which reddish colorations intermingle with soft purples. All this in only 65 days.

blueberry headband
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What type of marijuana offers more production?

The type of marijuana that offers more production is the hybrid marijuana, a combination of the best characteristics of Sativa and Indica. There are hybrid cannabis strains that outperform all others in terms of yield.

What is the most productive marijuana outdoors?

The most productive marijuana outdoors is the Blueberry Headband from Humboldt Seeds, which is capable of producing up to 4 kilograms per plant.

What is the most productive marijuana indoors?

The most productive marijuana indoors is Gelato #45, a strain produced by the Dutch bank Barney’s Farm and capable of yielding up to 700 grams/m2.

So far the ranking of the most productive marijuana 2022, we hope you liked it and if you know any variety that you think should be in this ranking, please use the comment box to let us know. You can also follow us on social networks and subscribe to our mailing list and continue to read about 2022 Most Potent Marijuana or learn about the Top High Yielding Strains for 2021.

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Most Productive Marijuana 2022
Most Productive Marijuana 2022 Meet the ranking of the most productive marijuana 2022. Here you have the definitive list of the marijuana with the highest yields this year.
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