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2022 Most Potent Marijuana

At the end of another year and from Experiencia Natural we want to offer you the ranking of the most potent marijuana in 2022. After a year dominated by the genetics of Barney’s Farm, this year we have had more banks that have entered this list of the best marijuana of 2022 in terms of potency, and it has been more distributed. In the article that we present you now, you will be able to know the new cannabis genetics with more THC of 2022.

This year we have known strains from different seed banks that have surprised us by their potency, but we have kept one of the genetics of the 2021 list, mainly we have been surprised by the acceptance and the reviews that have left us about this strain. This year’s ranking is very distributed among the different banks.

The Most Potent Marijuana in 2022

The varieties that we will present below are the most potent on the market right now. We have made an exhaustive research, not only of what the banks indicate, but also of the reviews of our friends, which allowed us to obtain much more information than that offered by the seed banks. Thus, we were able to elaborate this list with the most potent marijuana in 2022, that is to say, that cannabis with the highest quantity of THC.

Which is the most powerful strain?

Below you will find the most potent marijuana strains that have been released during the year 2022. Some of these genetics would make the list because of the information presented by the manufacturers, but there are others that will surprise you, and they are included because of the information we have collected from growers. That’s why we can assure you that this is the most reliable list you will find. Let’s start!

Pulp Friction
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Pulp Friction

We start with one of the banks that has put the batteries in this year 2022, one of the first seed manufacturers in history, which this year has relaunched its brand with great new releases.

This is the case of Pulp Friction, with 70% Indica genetics and almost 27% THC, it is probably the most powerful Indica of 2022. It also offers a brutal yield capacity and very fruity terpenes, that recalls melon and banana.

gold lemon haze
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Golden Lemon Haze

We start with one of the most economical strains of our list, but that does not mean that it is of lower quality. Seedstockers is one of the manufacturers with the best value for money in the world of seeds and in this case offers one of the most powerful of 2022.

The Golden Lemon Haze is able to offer up to 26% of THC, undoubtedly one of the most potent on the market. We are talking about a mainly Sativa genetics, which flowers quite fast if we take into account its genetics. This is probably the most powerful Sativa of 2022. Its effects are described as very stimulating, even psychedelic.

tropicana cookies
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Tropicana Cookies Auto

We continue our list with the only autoflowering genetic able to enter this category. It is the Tropicana Cookies Auto and, of course, it had to be a bank of the quality of Fast Buds to present us an automatic variety capable of producing so many active cannabinoids.

This variety is able to offer an incredible 27% of THC, with a very balanced effect between the cerebral high and the body relaxation. It is very intense and prolonged. In addition, it offers yields of up to 150 grams per plant outdoors in just 56 days from germination. We are, undoubtedly, in front of one of the most fascinating specimens of this year which undoubtedly deserves to enter the most powerful marijuana seeds in 2022.

runtz x layer cake
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Runtz x Layer Cake

As we have become accustomed to in other years, Barney’s Farm is always present when we talk about the most powerful marijuana strains. One of the latest additions to its catalog is the Runtz x Layer Cake, a variety originating from the west coast of the USA.

The presentation card of Runtz x Layer Cake is not its potency but its incredible aroma and very complex flavor, with notes of gasoline, lemon, cookies, earth and spices. It is the result of the multiple crossing that has been used to obtain it, in which Girl Scout Cookies, Cookies Kush, Skunk #1, Zkittlez and Gelato have been used. With these parents, the potency had to be sky-high and it is not for less since this variety can offer up to 27% of THC.

el xupet negre
Buy El Xupet Negre

El Xupet Negre

The best way to release a bank on our website, as was the case with R-Kiem Seeds this year, is to choose the best genetics from its catalog. With El Xupet Negre we can be sure to have chosen the best and also the most powerful. We even think we can affirm that it is the most potent of the most potent marijuana in 2022.

The THC values offered by this genetics can exceed 30%, something that very few varieties can offer. In addition, if we add its sweet aroma, cookies, and the reddish tones it presents, we are sure that we are in front of one of the best genetics of 2022.

Buy Seriotica


Seriotica marijuana seeds are one of the new strains of 2022 of the prestigious seed bank Serious Seeds, the creators of the famous AK 47, Kali Mist and Warlock. With these arguments, it is a bank that needs no introduction.

Seriotica is an extremely potent strain, with THC values ranging from 25 to 28%. For this reason it has direct entry to our list of the most potent marijuana 2022. In addition, it offers a delicious, cookie-like aroma and a very fast flowering time, which can be completed in about 40 days.

mimosa x orange punch
Buy Mimosa x Orange Punch

Mimosa x Orange Punch

One of the best genetics of 2021 could not fail to be present in our list of the most powerful genetics of 2022. After a year in our catalog, the Mimosa x Orange Punch continues to surprise us with its extreme potency, offering up to 30% THC.

Together with its very active cannabinoids, Mimosa x Orange Punch offers a unique taste and aroma and a very fast flowering, so it can be ready to harvest in only 55 days. It was undoubtedly one of the collectors’ favorites in 2021 and we are sure it will continue to be so for the remainder of 2022.

Which is the world's best marijuana 2022?

The best marijuana in the world 2022 is something subjective, different awards are given and it is not always the same winner. Also, there are fans who prefer the aromatic profile to the amount of cannabinoids. Anyway, in terms of potency, the best cannabis of 2022 is El Xupet Negre from R Kiem Seeds.

Which is the strongest indica in the world?

Pulp Friction Indica marijuana, with up to 26.5% THC and brutal yields, is probably the most potent Indica on the market at the moment.

Which is the most powerful sativa?

Golden Lemon Haze is probably the most potent Sativa of 2022. This strain is capable of delivering up to 26% THC, without a doubt one of the most potent on the market.

Which is the most potent hybrid marijuana?

The most potent hybrid marijuana on the market at the current date of 2022 is the strain El Xupet Negre. This seed of the bank R Kiem Seeds is able to produce more than 30% of THC.

What is the best pot of 2022?

The best marijuana of 2022 in terms of potency is El Xupet Negre from R Kiem Seeds, which can produce more than 30% of THC. A spectacular strain, homage to the well-known graffiti artist.

With this we have come to the end of our article on the most potent marijuana strains of 2022, we hope you liked it and if you have any genetics that have surprised you by their potency throughout this year, leave us a comment! If you liked this article, please follow us on social networks and subscribe to our newsletter. Also, you can continue reading about Top Strongest Cannabis Strains of 2021 and about The Best Marijuana: The Definitive Strains Ranking.

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2022 Most Potent Marijuana
2022 Most Potent Marijuana
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