French Touch Seeds

French Touch Seeds marijuana seed bank is from France, created in 2010 by an association of enthusiastic Cannabis growers. They offer a select and at the same time reduced high quality and strong French personality Cannabis seeds catalogue. French Touch Seeds preserves and improves Cannabis genetics, doing conservation and improvement of the species works.

In addition, this seed bank works closely with other collectives and researchers, resulting in a high quality and stability product.

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French Touch SeedBank

In the French Touch Seeds catalogue you can find feminized autoflowering varieties and also photoperiodic feminized ones. They have a special predilection for one strain endemic of Reunion Island, the Zamal, with which they make several of their creations.

They also take care of their seeds presentation, when you buy one of their strains in an original package you receive an organic jute cloth bag, inside besides the seeds properly protected you can find an explanatory paper as a "recipe". Finally and to guarantee the authenticity each package is sealed.

This small seedbank has only a few different strains for sale, they are not very well known and their quality is very high, so it is perfect for those collectors who are always looking for small unknown jewels.

Here at Experiencia Natural Grow Shop we offer you all the French Touch Seeds bank strains in their original packages.