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2020 Most powerful strains

Like every year, here it is the 2020 most powerful marijuana strains ranking. The seedbanks are constantly renewing its catalogues and every few years new marijuana varieties surpass the potency of the previous years. In today’s article we look at the newest THC rich marijuana strains in the world.

Some of this year’s highlights are Gorilla 00, Wedding Cake, Mimosa Evo… New strains that have emerged with a higher THC content than previous years. All the data and descriptions are collected from the seedbanks’ catalogues.

The Most Powerful Marijuana of the 2020: The Top 7

The following cannabis strains are our selection according to the new 2020 seed bank catalogues. If you have a variety that you think we have left out, please tell it to us in the comments section.

Do Si Dos 33

We begin this list with a hybrid genotype, the Dos Si Dos 33 from Barney’s Farm. The breeders who created it recommend a “moderate” use of this powerful and novel combination of premium US West Coast genetics because it has a strong, relaxing high and a outstanding yield.

The Dos Si Dos 33 comes from the crossing of two super powerful Cannabis strains such as the Dos Si Dos and the Gelato 33. But if we go further back in the genetics of the Dos Si Dos 33 we start to find names of such powerful and famous strains like the Girl Scout Cookies, the OG Kush Breath, the Sunset Sherbet and the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Now you will understand why it has earned a place in the list of the 2020 most powerful marijuana.

Si buscas la marihuana más potente de 2020, la Do SI Dos 33 está entre el top 5.

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The effects of this variety are balanced but extremely strong strain that has reached up to 28% of THC. The effects start to be felt in a brain stimulating way, culminating in a very relaxing and long lasting high.

The second reason why the Dos Si Dos 33 is a winner is because of its production capacity. It can produce up to 700 grams per square metre indoors and up to 2 kilos per plant outdoors. Its aroma is a genuine flavour of biscuits and spices, with sweet and citrus tones, provided by the limonene terpene. A complex and exquisite experience.

Kerosene Krash

We continue with another of the most THC-rich marijuana of 2020, the Kerosene Krash by Dutch Passion is a plant that is not only powerful but also beautiful and aromatic. In fact, this one is the strain that has most complex terpene profile on the list.

This is another extremely powerful American strain that comes from the crossing of a Gorilla Glue 4 with a Sherbet. The result is a magnificent Indica dominant hybrid with the best of its parents: overwhelming power and complex aroma. It is also a perfect Cannabis strain to do extractions.

La Kerosene Krash es una de las cepas de Cannabis con más THC

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Although Dutch Passion does not set any specific THC values, we would like to inform you that it is one of the most powerful marijuana strains of 2020. In fact, this is another strain that should not be taken lightly and even the most experienced smoker can be overwhelmed by it.

It has a very short flowering time for the large yield it offers. Thus, it is possible to get up to 600 grams of flowers per square meter indoors and more than a kilo per plant outdoors. So we can say that it has above average yields. Moreover, it is a very easy to grow strain.

Its aroma is delicious and mainly diesel, with certain paraffin notes that give it character in the mouth. Lovers of OG Kush or NYC Diesel will enjoy its aroma too.

Mimosa Evo

We continue with new 2020 powerful marijuana varieties returning to Barney’s Farm seed bank, which never disappoints with its new strains, to discover the Mimosa Evo, a spectacular purple plant plenty of colors.

It’s one of the bank’s most beloved strains and one of the most anticipated for 2020, because its creators have managed to obtain a whopping 30% of THC in this marijuana jewel. While it’s difficult to achieve this 30%, the creators of this strain said that it is possible to get 24% – 26% THC in regular growrooms.

Mimosa Evo es una de las cepas con más THC del 2020

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Also, this is a Sativa dominant marijuana that will delight those who enjoy the most energetic and stimulating “high”.

It comes from the famous American strains Purple Punch and Clementine and that’s where its citrus and sweet aroma comes from. It is a Sativa strain with an amazing growth ratio. In fact, outdoors it can reach more than 2 meters of height. Indoors, it will reach 120 cm without problems, so a SCRoG is not a bad idea to apply it.

Mimosa Evo is one of the most powerful marijuana of 2020, but not only that, it offers too one of the highest yields ever. It’s common knowledge that the Sativa tends to produce fewer buds than Indica (in leaf/bud ratio), but in the case of Mimosa Evo, it can produces as much as 700 grams per square meter indoors and up to more than 2 kg per plant outdoors.

Amherst Sour Diesel

We continue with one of last year’s most powerful strains which, in one way or another, was to make it onto the list of the most powerful marijuana of 2020 the Humboldt Seeds’ Amherst Sour Diesel, an hybrid strain that could provide very intense psychoactive effects and a genuinely American aroma.

The parents of this marijuana strain that stands out among the most potent marijuana of 2020 are the super-productive Chemdawg and the Amherst Super Skunk, which gives it maximum aroma and power. So much so, that this plant reaches 27% of THC.

All this is accompanied by a very balanced effect between relaxing and stimulating. In this way, it is a herb that provides large doses of euphoria, recommended by the seedbank for social purpose.

Its aroma could be described as complex. It has a very intense and varied aroma and scent and it’s possible to find notes reminiscent of Cannabis Diesel varieties.

It is suitable for sunny climates with mild temperatures, such as the Mediterranean climate. In these climates, you can get all the light you need to generate more sugars and gain in aroma and power. It produces a lot of resin, so it is ideal for making super-potent Cannabis extractions. Its final appearance is predominantly green, with dark green and a layer of white frosted pollen, which gives it an irresistible look.

Wedding Cake

We crossed the halfway mark of the top 7 most powerful marijuana of 2020 with the Wedding Cake, another superchampion provided by Barney’s Farm seed bank. A sweet, powerful and productive strain, the Wedding Cake has all those requirements and more.

This variety comes from the majestic lineage of such prized strains as Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush – all the best of marijuana potency, yield and aroma together in one amazing strain. American genetics are destined to take the lead in this year 2020.

La Wedding Cake es una de las variedades de marihuana más potente de 2020

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It is an indica strain but slightly taller than the usual, indoors it easily reaches 100 cm, while outdoors it can reach 2 metres without any problems. The best thing is that during flowering it creates a sticky resin even for the small leaves.

A sticky, sugary experience that is wonderfully complemented by its cake-like, vanilla-like, deeply sweet aroma. It becomes very dense and pleasant and it is possible to notice more complex touches such as earthy and light sour touches that only improve the organoleptic properties of the Wedding Cake, without a doubt one of the most powerful and aromatic strains of the year 2020.

Its psychoactive effects are not far behind, offering up to with 24% THC without problems. Also, its production is excellent, producing up to 650 grams per square meter indoors and up to 2 kilos per plant outdoors.

Sapphire Scout

We rescued another of last year’s high THC’s for the 2020 most powerful marijuana list. In this case it’s the Sapphire Scout, one of the most eagerly awaited new releases provided by the Californian seed bank Humboldt Seeds last year.

Its genetic origin is one of great quality, to obtain this hybrid with Indian dominance were crossed specimens of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain, one of the favorites of American rappers, with a True OG; an aromatic and powerful variety. The result is a plant that produces a lot of psychoactive cannabinoids,.

A minimum of experience is recommended if you plan to grow this plant. The reason? It can grow up to 4 metres tall outdoors and it is good to know how to control the height of a Cannabis plant.

La Sapphire Scout es una de las variedades de Cannabis con más potencia.

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This strain can produce up to 600 grams per square metre indoors and up to more than 3 kilos per plant outdoors. This is a lot of dried flowers for a plant that offers one of the highest THC concentrations of 2019 and 2020.

The effect starts strong and feels more cerebral during the first moments. As soon as the effect progresses, you can feel a bit of relaxation.

Finally, it has an exquisite fruity aroma, in which fruity nuances such as blueberries stand out. Of course, you can also find charasteristic Diesel aromas.

Gorilla 00

We finish the list of the most powerful marijuana strains of 2020 with the one that offers the best quality-price ratio . This is the Gorilla 00 from the 00 Seeds seed bank. It is a hyper-powerful, top-division hybrid at an unbeatable price.

Gorilla 00 is the result breeding work with Gorilla Glue 4, a strain with lots of resin and THC concentrations of up to 30%. Moreover, it is a balanced genetics in all aspects, as we will see now.

Descubre más variedades de marihuana más potente de 2020 como la Gorilla 00.

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Its effects are powerful but balanced. In fact, it is possibly the most powerful Gorilla variety on the market.

Its aroma is complex, but it inherits the best from its parents. The Gorilla aroma is so characteristic of something like glue, but in this case is enriched with lemon and pine. In short, a complex aroma experience. But it is also an excellent producer, throwing up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and more than 1 kilo per plant outdoors.

To conclude, it is a very easy to grow strain, a plant with a fast flowering period of 65 days and spectacular results.

This has been all our article about the top 7 of the most powerful marijuana of 2020, we hope you have liked it and if you think we left any in the ink, please tell us in the comments section, so we can enrich the article with all your opinions.

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2020 Most powerful strains
2020 Most powerful strains
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