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TH Seeds is a multi awarded Dutch seedbank, very internationally reputed, offers us regular and feminized seeds.

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TH Seeds Seed Bank

TH Seeds’ first appearance in the Cannabis industry was with the launch of the first Cannabis-dedicated shop in the world. The TH Seeds seed bank subsequently delved into genetics, creating many varieties that continue to surprise some of the most experienced tasters today. In this review, we will explore some important events in the history of TH Seeds and highlight some of their most prominent seed strains available today.

History and Philosophy of TH Seeds

The TH Seeds seed bank was founded in Amsterdam in 1993, making it one of the oldest seedbanks. Adam and Doug, two marijuana visionaries were integral to the success of the seed bank in its early days. For the last 27 years, TH Seeds has built an impeccable reputation around the world, creating one of the most appreciated seed catalogues in the process.

Since its inception, its founders, Adam and Doug have been involved with the Cannabis outreach project - Cannabis in Amsterdam (CIA). CIA is an information centre where collectors and enthusiasts openly debated scientific studies on marijuana. The project was later transformed into Hemp Works – carrying on Amsterdam’s cannabis culture and one of the first hemp shops in Europe.

Research is one of the major tenets of TH Seeds. They have been involved in extensive medical research works into the potentially positive effects of marijuana. Over time, TH Seeds has consistently provided proven scientific data to back up, and clarify the effects of marijuana on people. This is perhaps the reason for their strong following. 

In Holland, TH Seeds also played an important role in the transition from clandestine marijuana counterculture to the normalization of the marijuana movement, known by many as the “Pot Culture”. Since its founding, TH Seeds strains have participated in and won cannabis trophies including the High Times Cannabis Cup, one of the "Woodstock" for cannabis seed enthusiasts. Some of their standout strains, Bubblegum, S.A.G.E., The HOG, MK-Ultra, Sage'n Sour, Kushage and Darkstar have won numerous trophies for the seed bank.

This seed bank has excelled in promoting the legalisation of medicinal and recreational Cannabis in various countries. TH Seeds is an integral part of the marijuana legalisation process in Europe and America. By forming cooperation with breeders, farms and universities in these countries, TH Seeds sought a legal framework that will favour Cannabis use and research.

TH Seeds also gives a lot of attention to collecting new seeds and preserving their best seeds from earlier times. TH Seeds employs a manual seed selection process, to collect only the best seeds and discard those with less desired characteristics in the process. Another place where TH Seeds excels is in its packaging and distribution system. TH Seeds isolate, package, and send seeds so that they arrive at their destination with all their properties intact. 

Best Strains from TH Seeds

TH Seeds has built an expansive catalogue of seeds throughout its history. Their catalogue features feminised and regular strains, all of them of excellent quality and with all their natural properties, but here are some of the most important strains but out by this seed bank. 

One of the most notable feminised variety from TH Seeds is the S.A.G.E., it is also one of the most awarded varieties of the seed bank. These seeds produce plants with the optimum genetic balance between Sativa and Indica. S.A.G.E. is an aromatic strain with an uplifting effect, giving off a rich aroma of Sage and Sandalwood. Collectors are very fond of this strain because of its potential therapeutic characteristics.

The feminized MK Ultra is another highly-ranked and top award-winning strain from TH Seeds. This strain was created from the combination of a G-13 with an OG Kush – two top-quality parental strains. The result, M.K. Ultra, is one of the most overwhelming varieties of the TH Seeds house. This very potent Indica strain is beloved by many around the world and was awarded first prize in the Indica category of the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Darkstar feminized seeds is another old but gold from TH Seeds. They are potent Indica seeds that grow beautiful purple colourations. The widely-loved Darkstar feminized seeds are a cross of Purple Kush and Mazar-i-Sharif, hence, the underlying Kush organoleptic properties of this strain.

Another important strain from TH Seeds is the French Cookies, which is arguably the sweetest and most energising strain from TH Seeds. This variety is the result of the use of top genetics, as is the case with the very fashionable Girl Scout Cookies. This strain gives birth to large plants, and the product has amazing euphoric effects with an exquisite complex flavour.

From the few listed points, it is easy to see why TH Seeds is considered one of the most important seed banks in the world. From building a reputation that spans over 25 years, to excellent works in disseminating and obtaining feminised and regular seeds, to assuring quality in every product, the quality standards adopted by this seed bank sets it apart from the crowd.

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