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The Auto MK Ultra is one of the most awarded and intense Indica strains in TH Seeds' catalogue. It has a short life cycle and excellent organoleptic properties.


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Auto MK Ultra autoflowering seeds

TH Seeds is leading the market of autoflowering seeds with its latest novelties. This is the case of Auto MK Ultra, an autoflowering version of their most awarded photodependent strain, the MK Ultra. The original MK-Ultra received its original name after several experiments carried out with OG Kush and G13. The result is a mesmerising strain, producing bulky, resin-packed flowers. The autoflowering version of the MK Ultra improves on some aspects of the original version, as you will see below.

What does MK Ultra Auto look like?

The MK Ultra Auto seeds can give rise to mostly Indica plants of short size. The manufacturer reports that this strain reaches heights of 125cm maximum, making it a great specimen for a small space. Its indica structure encourages flower production to grow in a large central stem. According to TH Seeds, the flowers produced by Auto MK Ultra are packed with resin that is evident in overflowing calyxes full of trichomes.

The life cycle of the MK Ultra Auto has been reduced to just 9 weeks from seed to harvest, so multiple harvests within a single season are no problem. On the other hand, this automatic strain does not have too many cultivation needs and offers resistance to fungus and pests.

TH Seeds announces that the high resin production capacity it has, makes MK Ultra Auto an excellent strain to obtain high quality resin extractions. In addition, this strain has great adaptability to adverse climatic conditions, such as climates with high humidity or short summers.

Auto MK Ultra yields

The yield capacity of this strain is excellent for an autoflowering variety. Thus, indoors, an average yield of between 350 grams and 450 grams per square metre can be obtained. Although TH Seeds make no reference to the outdoor yields of this variety, it is assumed that they may be slightly higher than the one that can be obtained indoors.

Most common effects

The effects of MK Ultra Auto are described as relaxing and mind uplifting. Some even claim that it is a strain that can make you sleepy at certain times. As a good indica, MK Ultra Auto is one of the most relaxing strains, with long-lasting and intense effects.

Organoleptic properties

Finally, the terpene profile of this variety gives it intense organoleptic properties, with earthy, sweet and spicy aromas. It is a strain that produces a pronounced aroma full of nuances.

Characteristics of Auto MK Ultra

  • Autoflowering
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Genotype: Indica
  • Genetics: MK Ultra x Ruderalis
  • THC: Not declared
  • CBD: Not declared
  • Full Life Cycle: 9 weeks 
  • Planting: Spring or all year round indoors

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