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The Best American Seed Banks

The Cannabis seed banks from the USA are one of the clearest trends of the past 2020 and the present 2021. The best American seed banks are behind an incredible selection of strains with American genetics.

The aim of today’s article is to provide information about the best American cannabis seeds producers, organizations famous for creating top Cannabis strains with high yield, the finest quality resin, exquisite organoleptic properties and a lot of resistance.

The above characteristics perfectly describe the essence of the best American strains and reflect why they are the favourites of so many enthusiasts around the world. We will now begin to present some of the best American seed banks that can be found in the Experiencia Natural’s catalogue.

Top 5 American Seed Banks

The order in which the top 5 American seed banks will appear is not intended to be a ranking. The fact that one is described before the rest is merely situational, so it must be understood like there is no one favourite in the selection made today. Without further ado, we begin by reviewing the characteristics of one of the most famous seedbanks with American origins.

Humboldt Seeds

Las variedades de los bancos de semillas americanos son muy resistentes.

The first of the American seed banks to stand out on this list is Humboldt Seeds, the reason behind its excellent genetics is in the North of California. Humboldt’s growers began to develop strains during the 1960s, in one of the most important meccas for Cannabis in the world: the county of Humboldt.

The founders of this American seed bank were settling in this area of the American west coast with the aim of escaping the repression and the bad vibes of the metropolitan areas of the country. Humboldt County was the perfect orchard to sit on and lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle in which to grow Cannabis safely and sustainably.

This movement was called Back to the land, it was closely related to the rising of the hippie movement and the American counter-culture of the 1960s. The climate was great for cultivation and gradually more and more groups of growers began to appear and developed their own strains, all of it in an ecological way and respecting cannabis natural characteristics.

Humboldt Seeds was born from precisely this, from a group of cannabis enthusiasts who started out doing what they loved best and ended up making it their profession. At Humboldt Seeds they are experts in the application of innovative and eco-friendly growing techniques, and their packaging is designed to protect and keep the seeds with all its original properties unchanged.

We highlight some of the best strains within the Humboldt Seeds’ seed catalogue. First, the Blue Dream, the first strain of this seed bank, it has all the qualities of a premium US variety: large harvests, penetrating and complex aroma, powerful effects and fast flowering.

Another worth mention strain is their Bubba Kush, a compact plant with Indica genes that will produce impressive results in virtually all climatic conditions. It is capable to produce an excellent 24% of THC, as well as organoleptic properties that are highly appreciated by the cannabis lovers.

Fast Buds

Banco de semillas Fast Buds

Another of the best American seed banks is Fast Buds. This seed bank was established in 2010 with a clear objective: to meet the demands of a public of Cannabis enthusiasts who required high quality autoflowering seeds. That means fast flowering plants with outcomes similar to the ones delivered by photo-dependent strains.

Despite the fact that this seed bank was created by Americans, the founders decided over time to settle in Spain, specifically in the Mediterranean area, because it allows them to grow in almost perfect conditions. In this way, the members of Fast Buds team are working with American genetics in Spain.

The way of work of this American seed bank is simple: they begin with the selection of regular specimens in the United States, to be more specific in the California area. Subsequently, the specimen is stabilized and breeded until the best possible version of itself is finally achieved, to finally cross it with a small portion of ruderalis genes to give it the autoflowering ability.

The excellent characteristics of the Fast Buds autoflowering strains has nothing to envy to the photoperiodic strains. In fact, the master work of this seed bank has won them several awards in cannabis competitions around the world.

The LSD 25 is one of the most sucesful strains of this American seed bank. It has all the characteristics that a seed enthusiast can look for in a specimen: we are talking about production, power and a very fast life cycle.

Also, the Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies is another of those highly valued strains among cannabis connoisseurs. A sweet, aromatic variety that fits perfectly with the American spirit of this American seed bank. This strain is one of the favourite of lovers of sweet tooth.

DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics es un banco de semillas americano

To talk about the best American seed banks is to talk about DNA Genetics, another of the oldest US brands. They began their journey in the 1980s, at the beginning of the first boom of indoor growing. Its founders, Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni, had been collecting seeds for years and applied everything they had learned in a professional project to create one of the most successful American seed banks in history.

As with the Fast Buds seed bank, DNA Genetics began its journey in the United States, although over time they decided to move to Amsterdam, where there it was a better environment to the development of a marijuana seed bank. However, without giving up their 100% American DNA, which is reflected in all the seed collections they introduce to the market.

The DNA Genetics’ strains are versatile and have undergone a very thorough selection and stabilization processes. Before introducing a new variety to the market, this seed bank opts for long research before.

Likewise, this American seed bank is especially careful with the conservation and seeds packaging. Their plants are stored in isolated chambers so that there is no contamination from one variety to another. In this seed bank they are known for marketing the first gram of legal marijuana in Canada was DNA Genetics’ Lemon Skunk, thanks to a commercial agreement obtained with the Canadian government.

One of the strains that stands out most from this American seed bank is Sour Kosher, one of the masterpieces of this institution. To create it, the highly appreciated Kosher Kush was combined with a Sour Diesel and the result is a strain that offers resinous plants, with a delicious citrus aroma and brutal yield, of up to more than 600 grams per square meter indoors.

We highlight also The OG 18, a DNA Genetics variety that belongs directly to their private reserve. This strain was created after a prodigious OG Kush backcrossing, where a specimen with outstanding characteristics showed up. The high THC level and the acidic aroma with Kush notes complete the profile of this remarkable variety.

Artizen Seeds

Los bancos de semillas americanos son muy populares.

The American seed bank Artizen Seeds was founded in 2012, despite its short history they have managed to create some high quality strains that place them in the top 5 of the best American seed banks. The recreational Cannabis legalization in Colorado, made it easier for this seed bank and many others to join the new wave of high quality seeds suppliers.

Initially, this seed bank focused on the American public, but soon after that they are making an international impact and now their seeds are now available in the best seed shops, such as Experiencia Natural.

The Artizen seed catalogue is breeded by professional breeders and tasters together. As a result, all products obtained from Artizen are of the highest quality, both in terms of organoleptic properties and stability.

At Artizen they are experts in packaging and always present their seeds in luxury way, ensuring that collectors receive them in the best possible condition.

First, we would like to highlight their Allen Wrench, a strain with stimulating effects and excellent yield. Also, the Grape Gorilla is another variety that stands out in Artizen’s catalogue. These seeds give rise to tall plants with certain Sativa genes, although with Indica dominance. A special strain from Mendocino, the cradle of American Cannabis cultivation, was used to produce this strains of American origin.

The Cali Connection

The Cali Connection es un banco de semillas de EEUU

The Cali Connection is the latest reference in the list of the best American seed banks, although this does not mean that it is less important than the rest of those mentioned. This bank was created by its founder, the well-known breeder Swerve, who decided that California was the best base of operations for his product.

The aim of this institution is to supply the market with the best genetics from the American west coast. Swerve has a special predilection to work with strains like Haze, Skunk or OG Kush.

The work of this seed bank is based on respect for the original American genetics, which is why it is an institution that remains faithful to its roots. Its work has been awarded in cannabis competitions all over the world, as today in total 7 top awards, despite its short history.

The Larry OG Kush is one of the best known and collected strains of this American seed bank. This variety stands out for having gained 6 awards because of its wonderful aroma, amount of THC and high yield.

Likewise, the Alien OG strain is another of the great successes of The Cali Connection, as it is capable to produce plants with good yields and very long-lasting effects.

This has been all about the best American seed banks, to continue reading interesting articles have a look to How to Water Marijuana? The Watering Guide or The Best 2020 Marijuana CBD enriched strains.

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