List of products by Seedbank Artizen Seeds

This American seedbank is characterized by giving a Zen touch to all its creations, Artizen Seeds takes care from the first moment the development of their strains until the moment of sale for your enjoyment.

At this moment, we offer you the feminized varieties of Artizen Seeds.

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Artizen seedbank

Artizen Seeds was founded in the 2012, year of the marijuana legalization in Colorado (USA), from that moment any person older than 21 years can use Cannabis in a recreational way there. That was also the moment where Aritzen Seeds became reality.

Now Artizen seedbank wants to be the leader of American genetics in Europe, will they achieve it? so expert tasters are saying that they have possibilities of it because they offer a very interesting catalog and also not only are dedicated to seeds. They also do research and sales of marijuana buds, in countries where it is legal of course. In the same way they have allied with other brands such as Leira to develop the best marijuana cigar for the most exclusive tasters.

Within its catalog of seeds you will find authentic bombs, which at the moment are not well known in Europe, take advantage and be one of the first to have seeds from the Artizen Seedbank.

All strains of Artizen seedbank are sold in their original packages.