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I've witnessed many exciting strains come to life. But few have stirred up quite as much anticipation as the AlienZ Auto by Greenhouse Seeds. This strain, with its unique genetics, abundant yields, and compelling effects, is truly out of this world.


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AlienZ Auto Cannabis Seeds

The universe of cannabis strains is as vast and varied as the cosmos itself. Each variety carries a story, a unique set of genetics that produces a specific experience for its consumers. In the constellation of cannabis strains, the AlienZ Auto is a bright, shining star.

The Essence of AlienZ Auto

The AlienZ Auto carries the interstellar lineage of AlienZ and Watermelon auto, the latter being an autoflowering strain known for its resilience and simplicity of cultivation. This strain inherits the robust growth traits of AlienZ, developing a characteristic Christmas tree shape adorned with a lush array of branches.

Growing this strain is akin to a cosmic journey, it expands with the vigor of a supernova, emanating a luminosity that captivates every observer. While it begins as a dense cluster of foliage, as time progresses, it transforms into a magnificent sight with expansive colas that signify a bountiful yield.

Production: The Galactic Growth

For those considering indoor cultivation, AlienZ Auto presents a rewarding challenge. With an average height of 150 cm and a flowering cycle of approximately nine weeks, this strain can fill a grow space with its impressive stature. The result? A high yield that brings a galaxy of possibilities for every cultivator.

For outdoor growth, AlienZ Auto is no less impressive. With each plant yielding around 150 grams, its production capabilities are as extraordinary as its celestial namesake.

Effects: Cosmic Euphoria

The effects of AlienZ Auto are as varied and striking as the stars in a distant galaxy. Users report feelings of long-lasting happiness and sociability, making it an excellent strain for social occasions. Moreover, its stress-alleviating qualities make it a choice pick for unwinding after a busy day in our fast-paced world.

Organoleptic Properties: A Symphony of Flavors

The flavour profile of AlienZ Auto is a testament to the superb genetic blend it carries. It skillfully marries the earthy, citrusy notes of AlienZ with the sweet, candy-like tones of Watermelon Zkittlez. This fusion of aromas offers users a delightful tasting experience that sets this strain apart in the crowded universe of cannabis strains.

Key Characteristics of AlienZ Auto

  • Genotype: 40% Sativa, 50% Indica, 10% Ruderalis
  • Lineage: AlienZ x Watermelon auto
  • Indoor Flowering Cycle: 9 weeks
  • Indoor Yield: High
  • Outdoor Yield: Approximately 150g/plant
  • Effects: Sociable, mood-enhancing, stress-relieving
  • Flavor Profile: A harmonious blend of earthy, citrusy, and candy-like tones
  • Awards: Yet to make its debut

In the grand cosmos of cannabis strains, AlienZ Auto stands out for its unique characteristics and exciting potential. Its unique blend of genetics, impressive growth capabilities, and inviting flavor profile make it a must-try for any enthusiast. Whether you're a cultivator looking to diversify your crop or a connoisseur in search of a new experience, AlienZ Auto is a journey worth embarking on.