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MONSTEROUS! One of the largest autoflowering strains available and with Gorilla genetics. Strawberry Gorilla Auto from Fast Buds is also an autoflowering THC record with up to 27%.


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Fast Buds Strawberry Gorilla Auto

Strawberry Gorilla Auto by Fast Buds is unbeatable, this work of the breeders of this famous bank exceeds all expectations, we all know what a Gorilla is capable of, but not all of us expected this wonder when crossing it with the Strawberry, this is definitely a perfect match.

What is Strawberry Gorilla Auto like?

Strawberry Gorilla Auto seeds are capable of producing giant autoflowering plants, with a maximum height of around 150cm. Also, when things go right, they go right! Strawberry Gorilla Auto has very balanced genetics, which gives it excellent advantages, only falling a little on the sativoindica side at 55%.

Strawberry Gorilla Auto is very easy to grow, has great hybrid vigour and develops medium sized leaves with large side branches. It is also remarkable that its leaf to flower ratio is very good, simplifying harvesting tasks and maximising yields.

Strawberry Gorilla Auto can grow to around 150cm, both indoors and outdoors, in as little as 10 weeks from the time of planting.

Due to the high density of its flowers, Strawberry Gorilla Auto is a little more sensitive to fungal attack than average.

Production capacity of Strawberry Gorilla Auto

Fast Buds reveals an XXL yield on Strawberry Gorilla Auto, specifically we are talking about up to 300gr/plant outdoors and 600gr/m2 indoors with lights. Simply wow!

Most common effects

With such balanced genetics, the effects are expected to be mixed, bringing together the best of both worlds of cannabis. From the producer bank indicate us a 27% of THC that is first cerebral and then move to the body.

Organoleptic properties

Strawberry Gorilla Auto from Fast Buds has complex organoleptic properties, although the predominant terpenes are fruity strawberry, citrus and herbal fragrances can also be felt.

Main characteristics of Strawberry Gorilla Auto

Indoor and outdoor

Feminized autoflowering

Genotype: Balanced Hybrid

Genetics: Not specified

Cannabinoids: 27% of THC

Height: Up to 150cm

Full Cycle: 10 weeks (indoor and outdoor)

Yield: up to 600 gr/m2 or 300 gr per plant