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Chocobang by Delicious Seeds is a popular and potent strain with delicious terpenes, sweet flavour, high THC content and strong resistance to mold and pests. 


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Chocobang feminized by Delicious Seeds

Chocobang is a relatively new strain that has quickly become a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. Developed by Delicious Seeds four years before it was added to their catalog, Chocobang boasts a 70% sativa and 30% indica genotype. The lineage of Chocobang is Appalachian Kush x Chocolope, resulting in a unique and potent cross, awarded several times.

What is Chocobang like?

The flowering time for Chocobang is between 65 to 75 days when grown indoors, while outdoor growers can expect to harvest in late October, more or less 3 weeks after the end of the summer. 

When it comes to height, Chocobang can grow quite tall, so it's important to keep an eye on it during the vegetative stage. The plant produces a sweet aroma that is sure to delight your senses.

To get the most out of your Chocobang plants, it's essential to ensure that they receive adequate irrigation. This strain has a high tolerance to irrigation, so you don't have to worry too much about overwatering. 

Chocobang has a high resistance to mold and pests, making it an ideal strain for novice growers.

Chocobang's production capacity

Chocobang is a strain that boasts an impressive production capacity, making it a popular choice among growers. With a yield of 500 g/m2 indoors and over 1000 g/plant outdoors, it's no wonder why this strain has become a permanent choice for many of our customers. 

Common effects

Delicious Seeds does not mention what effects Chocobang can give, although due to its very high capacity to generate THC, up to 26%, and its Kush essence, a very intense and relaxing sensation is attributed to it.

Organoleptic properties

Its sweet flavor is a perfect blend of the Appalachian Kush and Chocolope lineage, making it a unique and delicious experience.


  • Feminized
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Genotype: 70% Sativa
  • Genetics: Appalachian Kush x Chocolope
  • THC: 26%.
  • CBD: Not declared
  • Flowering: 65-75 days indoors and 3 weeks after end of summer outdoors
  • Yield: 500 grams per square meter indoors and up to 1000 grams per plant outdoors

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