Paradise Seeds

Dutch Seeds Bank Paradise Seeds is one of the best known and reputed in the world. Offers in its wide catalog, feminized and automatic marijuana seeds.

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Paradise Seeds Seed Bank

Paradise Seeds is a reputable seed bank in the international seed market with nearly 30 major awards to its name. For over three decades, Paradise Seeds seed has combined and manufactured some of the best seeds for its catalogue, by combining auto-flowering and feminized strains. Here’s a highlight of some of the most important details in the history and best strains of this seed bank.

History and Characteristics of Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds was founded in Amsterdam in 1994, on the back of a 12-year process of research and experiments with many different seed varieties. In the actual sense, the origin of this seed bank can be traced to the mid-'80s. This was around the same period when coffeeshops that allowed recreational Cannabis consumption became popular in Holland. 

In the ‘90s when recreational Cannabis could be legally marketed and consumed Paradise Seeds seized the opportunity to introduce the Cannabis strains that they had been researching for so long. This period was a fundamental evolution of the seed bank as the majority of the testing and growing of new strains were conducted.

At first, the marijuana and derivatives legally marketed in coffeeshops were of questionable quality. As a result, Paradise Seeds resolved to improve upon their strains that were being sold and obtain new seeds from the United States in order to obtain better products for their users in Holland.

This led to the seed bank spending a lot of resources on improving the organoleptic properties of their strains. The research team at Paradise Seed. Focused on improving the flavour of their strains, as they sought to develop strains with sweeter, more pleasant, and intense flavour. They also developed seeds that gave rise to strains with greater heights – at that time, such strains were very exotic.

When Paradise Seeds obtained seeds, they usually are those with the highest quality and worked to keep all their properties intact. They achieve this by using organic seed breeding techniques. These techniques are used to ensure that seeds do not undergo alterations that could modify their characteristics. 

They also pay special attention and care to the pollination process in order to obtain its seeds. They put in place the best available facilities to ensure that there is no contamination between varieties and that the final seed is exactly what they were looking for.

Paradise Seeds has equipped its pollinating area with special measures to avoid contamination, including the use of pollen filters. These measures are responsible for eliminating unwanted pollen deposits in the strains of this bank. Another of the strong points of work ethic is the manual selection of seeds they carry out. The best stable seeds are meticulously selected while less than desired seeds are discarded.

Today, Paradise Seeds boast a 99% chance of success on their feminized strains. Owing to their extensive experienced research and developing only the strains with the highest genetic quality, Paradise Seeds now has one of the largest warehouses of seed varieties, with special emphasis on their organoleptic properties.

Best Strains of Paradise Seeds

Although Paradise Seeds specialises in feminized and auto-flowering seeds, they have a catalogue of seeds that covers most varieties on the market. Here are some of the most outstanding seeds present in the catalogue of this seed bank. They engineered the creation of Nebula, Sensi Star, and Atomical Haze, among others.

One of the most collected seeds from this seed bank is the Nebula. This strain is a favorite worldwide but was originally introduced in the UK, where it was a complete bestseller. The reason? Nebula is a short flowering strain with a high yielding capacity. The DNA of this strain led to its spread to other European countries, especially Spain, as it is a strain that thrives well in Mediterranean climates.

Another notable strain of Paradise Seeds' holy grail is the Sensi Star. This strain is an easy favourite among enthusiasts, it is also the winner of the High Times and High Life cups awards. The Sensi Star is one of the first seeds obtained by Paradise Seeds and one of the seeds that put Paradise Seeds on the map of international seed distributors. Sensi Star was first distributed in 1995, and since then, this strain has won more than 15 cannabis awards around the world.

Atomical Haze is the result of meticulous genetic work carried out with Sativas from various regions close to the equator including Mexico, Colombia, and Thailand. It is an improvement from the classic old-school Sativas varieties like Acapulco Gold or Haze that were so popular in the '90s in Dutch coffeeshops.

After operating for more than three decades, Paradise Seeds still delight collectors with revisions of seed strains from its earliest years. One of such strains is the Original Cheese. In the 1990s, this strain was well-hyped in the UK for its exquisite aroma and great indoor performance. In addition to retaining all the heritage of the Cheese family, the Original Cheese has improved production and potency.