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The Apricot Candy feminized seeds by the Paradise Seeds seed bank comes directly from the original UK Cheese lineage, a high quality pedigree with compact flowers and huge yields.


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Feminized Apricot Candy by Paradise Seeds

To create Apricot Candy, Paradise Seeds breeders were inspired by Californian sativa strains. This is a feminized variety loaded with aroma and with the potential to produce lots of flowers. Apricot Candy is the result of combining Paradise Seeds' own genetics with an American strain (Dutch Dragon x Thin Mint), giving it a varied terpene profile and a high concentration of cannabinoids.

What is Apricot Candy like?

Apricot Candy seeds can produce plants with 70% Sativa genetics. This explains why this strain can develop some stretching during the early stages of growth. However, the Thin Mint element comes into play, favouring dense lateral branching and the proliferation of large flowers.

The manufacturer reports that Apricot Candy can reach 100 cm in height indoors and produce taller plants outdoors (up to 300 cm), especially in Mediterranean climates, so it is suggested to use height control techniques such as SCROG. 

Flowering time of Apricot Candy is a bit more than average. Indoors can take up to 65 days, while outdoors it can take a little longer, up to 3 or 4 weeks after the end of summer.

Apricot Candy yields

Yield capacity is one of Paradise Seeds' most notable features. Despite its Sativa dominance, this variety can produce up to 550 grams per square meter indoors, while outdoors, in the case of larger individuals, you can get about 1000 grams per plant.

Most common effects

Apricot Candy can concentrate up to more than 20% THC, so it is categorized as a strain with very active cannabinoids. In addition, its Sativa genetics may favour the appearance of energetic, almost instantaneous and clean sensations. The product sheet also states that this variety can culminate its effects with more relaxing experiences, more typical of its parent Thin Mint. 

Organoleptic properties

Apricot Candy is characterized by a very rich terpene profile, giving it a unique aroma cluster. The dominant terpene is caryophyllene, which contributes apple, fresh fig and apricot fragrances, hence the name of the variety. 

Main characteristics

Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: 70% Sativa

Genetics: Dutch Dragon x Thin Mint

THC: 18% - 22

CBD: <0,1%.

Height: Tall

Flowering: 65 days flowering time indoors and 3-4 weeks after end of summer outdoors

Yield: 550 gr/m2 indoors, 1000 gr per plant outdoors

Planting: Spring or all year round with artificial light