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Sensi Grow A + B Coco was especially designed for cultivation in Coco. It includes two bottles (A + B) with the necessary component for the plants during their vegetative cycle. Product of top quality at a lower price than the competition.

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Sensi Grow A + B Coco for Growing Marijuana

Sensi Grow A + B Coco is the new revolutionary new from Advanced Nutrients. It is a growth fertilizer especially developed for coconut substrate that includes the Perfect pH system from Advanced Nutrients, which facilitates a correct application of fertilizers. You do not need to adjust it.

This complete fertilizer for growth incorporates macro and micro nutrients needed for a more vigorous, fast and healthier growth. It also includes moisturizers, humic and fulvic acid, L-amino acids, always with the pH perfectly and automatically regulated.

These fertilizers can (and should) be combined with other supplements within the range of fertilizers from Advanced Nutrients. Moreover, Sensi Grow A + B Coco has a great price, which allows it to be below the competition.

Sensi Grow A + B Coco includes a new formula that allows faster and better assimilations of the most important NPK nutrients, and in the same way, it includes secondary minerals that give it an advantage over other fertilizer brands.


• Consitent formulation and results in each batch

• Part A, NPK 4-0-0; Part B, NPK 2-2-6

• It promotes the root growth and adjust the internodal space

• Effective and cheap

• Laboratory and pharmaceutical grade ingredients

• Does not alter the pH

Available in 1 liter bottles. Since it includes two bottles, if you buy one you get the second for free.

Instructions and dosage: Add to irrigation water, 4ml/L of part A and 4ml/L of part B. It must be used in all waterings from the first 13-14 days after seed germination.

Cultivation Tables from Advanced Nutrients

To prevent nutrient lockout, do not mix concentrated formulad together before adding to water. Mix first the bottle A with water and after the bottle B.

For seedlings and cuttings use 1 ml/liter of each bottle, for other applications use 4ml/liter.