Digital scales

Digital scales are precision instruments

They are used to know the weight of one or more objects. Many factors exist that differentiate one digital scale from another, the most important are two, the resolution, which is the minimum unit of weighing and the capacity, which is the largest amount of weight that can be put on the scale.

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Digital scales

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The Kenex Vortex scale is a digital scale of good quality, with high accuracy and an economical price.

18,90 €
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This brand of digital scales Kenex Viper 300 - 0,01 is a medium sized scale with a high precision and an affordable price. .

19,95 €
In stock 19,95 €

This brand of scale On Balance CD digital scale is very small to carry in your pocket anywhere, it is very accurate and very discreet.

25,90 €
In stock 25,90 €

This digital scale from Kenex Magno has a large weighing area of ​​weighing and capacity, can weigh up to 1000 grams.

22,50 €
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The Scale Fuzion NB 2000 is the digital compact scale with the most capacity of our catalog, weighing up to 2000 grams and having a very small size. Resolution of tenths of grams at great price.

29,95 €
In stock 29,95 €

Precise computer mouse scale. 0.1 - 500 gr. This magnificent scale acts as both an optical mouse and a precision pocket scale. With warranty.

35,00 €
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Scale Iphone Fuzion PX 500 -0.1 gr. Decimal gram precision scale looking rather like a black iphone. One of the most recognized brands in the industry, a model greatly proven. With warranty.

15,00 €
In stock 15,00 €
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