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Advanced Nutrients presents its new superior range of base fertilizers with the perfect PH technology. This is the Connoisseur Grow A+B, a product that combines two formulas that will provide everything the plant needs throughout the growth phase.

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Connoisseur Grow A+B Growth Fertilizer 

Connoisseur Grow A+B is the latest PH perfect fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients, designed to meet the plant's nutritional needs during the growth phase. This product comes in two bottles, as it has two different formulas (A and B) that, once combined, will create a growth explosion. This is a product aimed to experienced growers who are looking for professional results in their home crops.

The Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow formula provide all the nutrients and trace element needed to go through an optimal growth stage. In this way, the bio-mineral ingredients used to create Connoisseur Grow are of the highest quality. We can find such essential nutrients as nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, iron..., which will give a boost to the plants. Furthermore, its formula includes humic acid and chelates that are complemented with protein hydrolysates to further improve the nutritional capacity.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Connoisseru Grow A+B is the perfect pH technology, designed by Advanced Nutrients. With this type of technology there is no need to measure or regulate the pH, as this formula has pH stabilizers that do this work hassle-free. This way, its regulators will adjust the pH themselves, saving time and money.

In short, as a result of using this product we will obtain a self-regulated pH crop, a vigorous growth and excellent foundations to face the flowering phase.

Dosage and how to use Connoisseur Grow

For a correct use of this product it is important to first mix the component A with water and mix well. Then add the same amount of part B and mix again. It is best to leave it to stand for a few hours before use.

It is not recommended mixing the two parts of this product directly, as it may become insoluble.

This product has been designed to be applied during the entire vegetative growth phase.

On cuttings: 1 ml of product for every litre of water.

On small plants: 2 ml of product for every litre of irrigation water.

For large plants: 4 ml of product for every litre of irrigation water.

Connoisseur Grow A+B Composition

Nitrogen 4%

Calcium 3.55%

Magnesium 0.9%

Iron 0.05%

Nitrogen 1%

Phosphorus 2%

Potassium 7%

Sulfur 1.5%

Humic acid 0.1%







Amino acids

Fulvic acid

Balancing compounds and pH stabilizers.