Sensi Bloom A + B was especially designed for cultivation in Coco. It includes two bottles (A + B) with the necessary component for the plants during their flowering cycle. All the quality of Advanced Nutrients at an unbeatable price.
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Sensi Bloom A + B Coco for Growing Marijuana

Sensi Bloom A+B Coconut is a new product from the famous Advanced Nutrients laboratories. It is the ideal product to use during the entire flowering phase in coconut substrate crops.

Its unique and novel formulation includes all the nutrients needed by the marijuana plant grown in coconut, both micro and macro nutrients. The result is healthy plants, full of color in which the buds stand out for their density and size. In addition to these nutrients, Sensi Bloom Coconut includes different amino acids and humic and fulvic acids to meet all the needs of the plant in this type of substract.

This product, like others in the Advanced Nutrients line, comes with pH-perfect technology, so there is no need to regulate its pH before application.

With Sensi Bloom Coconut the assimilation of nutrients is done quickly and effectively and, if this still does not convince you, this product has an unbeatable price, below the prices practiced by major competitors.


• Consitent formulation and results in each batch

• Part A - NPK 2-4-0. Part B - NPK 2-4-8

• It promotes the root growth and adjust the internodal space

• Effective and cheap

• Laboratory and pharmaceutical grade ingredients

• Does not alter the pH

Available in 1 liter bottles. Since it includes two bottles, if you buy one you get the second for free.

Instructions and dosage: Add to irrigation water, 4ml/L of part A and 4ml/L of part B. It must be used in all waterings from the pre-flowering phase.

Growing Tables from Advanced Nutrients.

To prevent nutrient lockout, do not mix concentrated formulad together before adding to water. Mix first the bottle A with water and after the bottle B.

For seedlings and cuttings use 1 ml/liter of each bottle, for other applications use 4ml/liter.