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Ancient Earth Organic is a flowering booster fertilizer from Advanced Nutrients with a 100% organic formula. It is a product that uses the Leonardite volcanic rock to promote the proliferation of humic acids. One of its most remarkable properties is that it improves the roots' nutrients intake.

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Ancient Earth Organic Bloom Stimulator

Ancient Earth Organic fertilizer improves the plant's nutrient assimilation thanks to its formula, rich in Leonardite. Leonardite is a natural volcanic stone, so it is completely organic. Recently it has been discovered that this rock has very good properties for plants. For this reason, Advanced Nutrients researchers travelled to Eastern Europe to study the deposits of this rock. There, they discovered how the natives had been extracting leonardite for many years and using it in their crops.

Part of the leonardite importance, the main ingredient of Ancient Earth Organic by Advanced Nutrients, comes from the fact that this rock has absorbed all the nutrients present in the subsoil for hundreds and hundreds of years. This is why it is a product with millions of years old and full of proteins, vitamins, nutrients and trace elements essential for plant growth.

Another of the fundamental elements in Ancient Earth Organic's formula is the humic acid. This type of acid is extracted from leonardite and improves the nutrients transport within the plants. Thus, applying this product also improves the feeding intake, allowing the plants to get more nutrients.

This product also has the necessary amount of fulvic acid that the plants need to feed directly to the plant's cells, roots and leaves. In short, this is a comprehensive product for plants, 100% organic and aimed at growers who are looking for high quality, top performance and the best natural flavor.

Ancient Earth organic's Advanced Nutrients formula also includes other essential elements. Like hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, phosphorus and sulphur, as well as complex chain acid compounds to enhance the plant's vitality. These elements will improve the root system activity, making easy the nutrients' absorption.

Ancient Earth Organic Flower Enhancer also promotes a stronger, more nutrient-rich plant. The natural chelate present in the formula also improves the capacity to absorb more nutrients, as well as their transport. Finally, this product can be used on all types of crops: soil, coconut, hydroponics, etc.

Dosage and mode of use of Ancient Earth Organic

Ancient Earth Organic Flower Enhancer is intended to be used during flowering and growth of plants.

It is recommended to shake before use and the correct dosage is 2 ml of Ancient Earth Organic per litre of water.

Components of Ancient Earth Organic

Potassium 1%

Humic Acids

Fulvic Acids