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Sensi Cal-Mag XTR by Advanced Nutrients is a deficiency corrector that provides all the calcium and magnesium needed for a full development. It is a high quality supplement compatible with soil, hydroponic or coco crops.

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Sensi Cal-Mag XTR organic deficiency corrector 

The Sensi Cal-Mag XTR fertilizer is a comprehensive solution for plants with calcium and magnesium deficiencies. This deficiency usually appears during the fourth or fifth week of flowering indoors, and it must be fixed as soon as possible to avoid it from affecting the final results. 

In this way, magnesium is an essential element for the chlorophyll creation, which helps the leaves to absorb more light and results in more and better quality flowers. On the other hand, the importance of calcium in plants lies in the fact that it reinforces the cell walls, producing more resistant stems and branches that will be able to support large flower branches more effectively. 

The lack of these 2 nutrients during flowering affects the development massively, therefore it can reduce the amount of yield a plant can produce. Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra's formula also contains an ingredient that is very beneficial and is rarely found in the fertilizers. It is called chelated iron and its importance lies in the fact that it acts as a catalyst for reactions improving the plant's metabolism.

The most common way to detect a calcium deficiency is by observing small spots on the leaves. This is the clear symptom that determines the use of products such as Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra. On the other hand, the use of products with only calcium or only magnesium can be copmplicated to novice growers, that is why we recommend the use of Cal-Mag integral products. For example, an excess of calcium can lead to a lack of magnesium and vice versa. By using products like Cal-Mag Xtra one makes sure to provide the exact amount of calcium and magnesium that the plant needs.

Another reason why Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra is one of the best solutions for avoiding the lack of calcium and magnesium is because it increases the electroconductivity (EC) of the water when using osmosis water. This makes this product the perfect complement for the grower that uses osmosis water.

Sensi Cal-Mag XTR Dosage and how to use

Sensi Cal-Mag XTR deficiency corrector is designed to be used during both the flowering and growth stages.

To apply this product in the irrigation water add 2 ml of product per litre of water.

To apply this product as a foliar, we recommend combining 2 ml of product for every litre of water.

Sensi Cal-Mag XTR Components

Calcium: 3.2%

Magnesium: 1.1%

Nitrogen: 4%

Iron: 0.09

Manganese: 0.5%

Zinc: 0.5%