Big Kush is a feminized Marijuana strain from Dinafem highly productive, durable and very vigorous.

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Big Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Big Kush is a feminized Marijuana strain from Dinafem created by crossing the famous Critical + with our OG Kush. This cross has resulted in hybrid plants at 50%.

This strain was created by a complex hybridization process with the goal of maximizing the production and the organoleptic properties.

Each specimen reaches medium-high heights which is harvested pretty fast. It produces long arms full of long and thick buds, it is not in vain that Big Kush is a highly productive weed. The resin covers all floral formations and its surroundings as well as having high contantes on terpenes. Its leaf/bud ration makes it easy to manicure.

Hybrid vigor and potency, Big Kush is very suitable for beginner growers. The best outcomes can be achived in dry and warm climates. Due to its short flowering period it can also be grown in wet areas.

The aroma and taste of Big Kush are lemony, with kerosene touches like Bubba but with a light and a different touch.

You can harvest it after 55- 60 days of seed germination or in late September in the northern hemisphere or late March in the Southern hemisphere. In a growing room and with optimal growing conditions, the production of Big Kush reach 600g per square meter and 900g per plant on outdoors.

Features of Big Kush Marijuana:


Can be grown indoors and outdoors

Genotype : Hybrid

THC: High CBD: Low

Genetics: Big Skunk x OG Kush

Indoor flowering: 55 - 60 days Outdoor: Late September/Late March according to the hemisphere

Planting : Spring or all year in indoors

Outdoor size: Up to 3 meters

Indoor production: 600 g/m2, Outdoor: 600-900 g/plant

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