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Holland's Hope is one of the first outdoor Dutch Passion varieties that was developed in Holland since the early 80s. A heavy Indica strain of stong effect. Very resistant to humid conditions.


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Feminized Holland's Hope Marijuana Seeds

Holland's Hope is a legendary strain, one of the first varieties that was fully acclimatized to the Dutch climate during the 80's, thus being resistant to humid conditions and fungal infections. It can be harvested in late September or early October after 8 weeks of flowering.

Atop quality indica that was developed to withstand outdoor conditions and can also be cultivated in other climates. The plants are usually able to reach between one and two meters high. Very productive with a potent narcotic high and it has been one of our favorite strains for outdoor use from the start.

The plants can yeild between 100 and 1,000 grams each, depending on the growing environmental conditions. It does not require much nutrients, developing more small leaves in case of overfedding. The buds usually reach two feet in length and have many small leaves.

Holland's Hope has been a productive and a reliable outdoor strain for many years. Yhe smoke is sweet and the effect is pleasant but intense, suitable for both medicinal and recreative users. The effect lasts around two hours. The majority of outdoor growers that grow Holland's Hope have been doing it for years. In optimal environmental conditions the plants become very productive with lots of side branches. Is defenitely a strain supported by a generation of outdoor growers.

Features of Holland's Hope Marijuana:



Genotype: Indica

Genetics: Unreported

THC: Not stated CBD: Undeclared

Flowering: From 8 to 9 weeks (indoor)

Outdoor flowering: Late September (northern hemisphere)

Height: Up to 200cm

Yield: High