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Holland's Hope strain is one of the first outdoor Dutch Passion varieties that was developed in Holland since the early 80s. A heavy Indica strain of stong effect. Very resistant to humid conditions.


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Holland's Hope Feminized Seeds

Holland's Hope is a legendary strain, one of the first varieties that was fully acclimatized to the Dutch climate during the 80's, thus being resistant to humid conditions and fungal infections. It can be harvested in late September or early October after 8 weeks of flowering.

When it comes to collectible seeds that have stood the test of time, Hollands Hope is a name that echoes in the hearts of enthusiasts. This compact, potent indica is a dream for those who live in climates that are less than predictable. Imagine a seed that's been engineered to withstand the challenges of a damp and cold late summer. That's Hollands Hope for you!

  • Engineered for unpredictable climates
  • Early harvest potential
  • Old-school aroma and flavor
  • Robust and generous yield

Hollands Hope: The Award-Winning Outdoor Classic

Let's talk accolades! Hollands Hope isn't just a name; it's a title earned through years of reliability. This gem won the first prize at the Copa Del Mar in Argentina in 2013. When you're looking for a seed that has been recognized for its excellence, Hollands Hope is your go-to.

The Aroma and Flavor Profile of Hollands Hope

Oh, the aroma! Hollands Hope offers a nostalgic journey back to the classics. The scent is a delightful blend of freshness and fruitiness, with pronounced notes of pine and wood. And let's not forget the flavor—slightly acidic, woody, and spiced to perfection. It's like a time capsule back to the cannabis culture of the '80s and '90s.

  • Fresh and fruity aroma
  • Notes of pine and wood
  • Acidic and woody flavor
  • Spiced to perfection

Physical Characteristics of Hollands Hope

When it comes to yield, Hollands Hope is a heavyweight champion. The plant boasts large, robust flowers that can reach lengths of 30-50 cm. The structure is so well-balanced that even the lower branches and flowers are almost as thick as the upper ones. This is a plant that asks for little and gives a lot, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer low-maintenance collectibles.

Adaptability to Moderate Climates

Climate adaptability is where Hollands Hope truly shines. This indica-dominant seed is a product of decades of fine-tuning to thrive in the Dutch climate. Whether you're in the damp Netherlands or the UK, this seed can withstand a fair share of bad weather. It's not just a seed; it's a legacy from Dutch Passion.

Strength and Robustness: The Hallmarks of Hollands Hope

Let's get real; Hollands Hope is as sturdy as they come. Developed in the 1980s, this seed was one of the first hybrid strains suitable for temperate climates. It's a strong, reliable, and fungus-resistant plant that has been a staple for outdoor enthusiasts for decades. And guess what? Experiencia Natural is a name you can trust when it comes to Hollands Hope.

Flowering Time and Yield

Time is of the essence, and Hollands Hope knows it. With an average flowering time of just 8 weeks, this seed is all about efficiency. The plants can reach a height of 1.5-2.5 meters outdoors, with long flowers measuring 40-50 cm. When it comes to yield, you're looking at a range that can go from 100 grams to a whopping 1000 grams, depending on the conditions.

Expert Tips

While Hollands Hope is low-maintenance, a little expert advice never hurts. Pruning and FIM techniques can help control its height and encourage lateral growth. Just remember, less is more when it comes to nutrition. Over-fertilizing can lead to excessive leaf growth and reduced bud production.

More About Hollands Hope

Did you know Hollands Hope was featured in a Dutch TV drama series called "Hollands Hoop"? The show centered around a Dutch cannabis plantation and aired every Saturday on NPO 1 in 2014. It's a seed that's not just a part of horticultural history but also pop culture!

Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it; Hollands Hope comes highly recommended by a whole generation of successful outdoor collectors. It's a seed that has proven its worth time and again, making it a favorite among both recreational and medicinal users.

Features of Holland's Hope Marijuana:



Genotype: Indica

Genetics: Unreported

THC: Not stated CBD: Undeclared

Flowering: From 8 to 9 weeks (indoor)

Outdoor flowering: Late September (northern hemisphere)

Height: Up to 200cm

Yield: High


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