Ace Seeds

Ace Seeds is one of the best seedbanks in collecting pure strains and doing hybridization processes, also produces it's Cannabis strains using organic farming methods.

Currently we have available the feminized strains of Ace Seeds marijuana seedbank.

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Ace Seeds seedbank

The Spanish seedbank Ace Seeds was created in 2005 and is dedicated to the crossing and development of feminized marijuana seeds, its catalogue has exclusive genetics and a very interesting landraces line

With the aim of collecting and preserving a genetics from around the world, Ace Seeds had put together an enviable and almost unique Cannabis genetic heritage, which can only be compared with what is offered by Cannabiogen, as its creator collaborated intensely with Ace Seeds.

Among the exclusive strains offered by this seedbank we want to highlight some:

Congo, a hybrid of Congolese and Pakistani landraces (specifically from the Chitral region) that presents a strong sativa predominance, clean and cerebral effect and an interesting fruity flavour.

Kali China, a plant that has taken around 10 years to stabilise and homogenise, comes from Kali Mist genetics and a Chinese landrace (Yunnan). It is a strain with an exclusive and unique genetics, powerful and with an Indian predominance.

If you want a bank with unique and preserved genetics, landraces that you can not find anywhere else, Ace Seeds is your bank!