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Panama feminized marijuana from Ace Seeds is a genetic treasure, this is the original Panama Red line famous all over the world, crossed and stabilized with other Panama strains.


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Panama Feminized Seeds by Ace Seeds

Panama from Ace Seeds was created by crossing 3 excellent sativa marijuana plants of Panamanian origin, which were acclimatized for 8 and 12 generations respectively, to make them suitable for indoor cultivation and less warm climates. This is a very pure and Old School lineage.

What is Panama like?

Panama marijuana is easy to grow, from the seed will come out a strong and robust plant, which, with time and care, is able to develop long and resistant buds. 

Indoors and due to its great growth pattern, it is recommended either do an SCROG or start from cuttings, otherwise it is not possible to tame its wild growth. In her 12 weeks of flowering she will surely reach the ceiling of the room.

The most important thing when playing with Panama is to control its size, that's why some growers set it directly to 12/12 from the moment of sowing.

Outdoors it needs a lot of sun and long summers, because of this, it is recommended to plant it in climates as close to its tropical origins as possible. Panama also prefers to be in firm soil with a well-prepared substrate.

This is a plant that develops an incredible growth and a long flowering period. It will be ready for harvest about two months after the day the summer ends, while indoor crops with lights can play with a flowering time of 9 to 12 weeks.

Panama yields

It can produce bushes that easily exceed a kilogram in weight and in good conditions will stay full of resin for show extractions.

Most common effects

The effect of Panama is psychoactive and giggly like those of old, little or no narcotic. This is one of the strains smoked by the hippies.

Organoleptic properties

Its flavours are very tropical, sweet and tasty. Like a combination of spices and pineapple. It is possible to appreciate earthy touches. 

Characteristics of Panama



Genetics: 100%.

Genotype: Panama '74 x Panama green x Colombian Red Dot

Flowering: 80/90 days indoors. End of November, beginning of December outdoors.