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Cannabiogen is a Spanish Cannabis seed bank specialist in genetics of the world.

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Cannabiogen seedbank

Cannabiogen is one of the first cannabis seed banks established in Spain. The beginnings of this seed bank were more than 25 years ago, and from that moment they have been offering the highest quality seeds. Here we will review the history and philosophy of this seed bank while mentioning some of its most demanded strains. All in order to provide information about one of the most important institutions in the seed industry of Spain.

History and philosophy of Cannabiogen

The Cannabiogen project began in the 1990s. At first, a group of friends decided to get together and start sharing opinions about marijuana varieties that each of them collected at home. This first group of friends were specialists in many different specialities, such as a geneticist, a biochemist and a computer scientist, among others.

In addition, among this group of cannabis enthusiasts was also a seed collector who had a private reserve of 100 varieties collected in many regions of the world, such as Jamaica, Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, India and Thailand, which served Cannabiogen to have a store of seeds ready to stabilize and breed, some of them belonging to exclusive genetics lost in the 70's. All this helped them to gather the human and material resources needed to establish one of the first Spanish seed banks.

The genetics used by Cannabiogen are, as mentioned, from different places all over the world and, in many cases, come directly from the trips made by people who belong to this group of friends. Most of the genetics are native landraces. These seeds of international origin were crossed with the best Dutch genetics in order to create top quality hybrids that could meet the needs of collectors all over the world.

One of the key points in Cannabiogen's way of working is precisely this: the constant search for the dissemination and presentation of new seeds that aim to preserve genetics that would otherwise be lost. In addition, the selection process for Cannabiogen seeds is meticulous and evaluations of the descendants are always going on.

Cannabiogen reports that this type of meticulous selection consists of a process in which they choose the seeds one by one directly from the plant, testing the germination of each of the batches they put on sale every 3 months, as this is the only way they can offer novelties with the highest quality standards. This is therefore one of the most careful seed banks when presenting their products, as they have the maximum guarantee that they retain all the properties of the seeds intact.

During the process of crossing and selection Cannabiogen works to keep the taste, aroma and the quality of its resin, leaving aside other factors so fashionable these days as the power or the production. This forms the key points for Cannabiogen to continue to exist and has been on the market for over 25 years offering both feminised and automatic, regular varieties.

Best Cannabiogen strains

Below we highlight some of the varieties that stand out most in the Cannabiogen catalogue. A catalogue that, as mentioned, is full of top quality seeds.

Cannabiogen's search for the perfect Sativa strain resulted in the Destroyer strain. Created directly thanks to the Cannabiogen founder journeys around the world, this 100% Sativa specimen emerges from Sativa genetics from Thailand, Mexico and Colombia. The development of this strain has taken over 7 years.

Another strain that deserves special mention within Cannabiogen's seed catalogue is the Pakistan Chitral kush. This is a pure Indica from Chitral in the Pakistani region of the Hindu Kush, a region of the world known for producing one of the best marijuana resin extracts ever. To create this variety, Cannabiogen started working on it during the 90's, obtaining the best pure Indica and extracting 2 fundamental phenotypes. The first, a green phenotype and the second, a more colourful phenotype.

Finally, an excellent variety from this seed bank is the Peyote Purple. This is a strain obtained in the United States, so it fits perfectly with the philosophy of this seed bank, which travels all over the planet in search of the best genetics. This is an Indica selected from a spectacular purple seedling segregated from one of the works that this seed bank carried out on the Bubba Kush variety.

For all the above reasons, Cannabiogen is one of the most meticulous European seed banks when it comes to obtaining and presenting new varieties. This bank is one of the world's best to find landraces, which come from lineages that are almost unknown today and which arise from the excellent work of documentation, selection and breeding new strains.